Timetable for fitness classes for Auckland Recreation Centre , Te Wātaka mō ngā akomanga kori tinana

The Auckland Recreation Centre offers a regular timetable of group fitness classes led by qualified instructors.

Group fitness class

All scheduled classes are held in the group fitness studio located on the Massey University Auckland (Albany) campus.

Most group fitness classes are included in gym membership prices. There is no need to book for group fitness classes, and there is no limit on how many you can attend.


All the fitness classes shown in the following table are one hour long.

Timetable for fitness classes for Auckland Recreation Centre.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.30am FCT FCT Circuit
7.45am Yoga
9am 20-20-20 Pump FCT ABT Zumba
9.15am Pump
10.15am Zumba
10.30am Senior Fit*
11.15am Yoga
4pm Thai Kick Boxing*
5.30pm Step Pump 20-20-20 ABT
6.30pm Zumba Zumba Thai Kick Boxing*
7.30pm Ceroc*

* These classes are not included in gym membership prices. See reception for more information about costs.

Classes included in gym membership prices

Functional Circuit Training (FCT)

A high intensity circuit styled workout suitable for all fitness levels. Each class is different, whether it’s focused on cardio, strength, resistance or a combination of all.


Tone your abs, butt and thighs through weighted and resistance-based exercises. ABT targets areas of common weakness and helps stabilise and strengthen your body to improve muscle activation and overall function. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Iyengar based classes that balance your fitness routine through stretching and strengthening your muscles. Iyengar yoga emphasises alignment of the body and incorporates props to help achieve this. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Relaxation Yoga

Take a moment to stretch and relax. This class gives you the time and space to restore your body, mind and spirit through breathing, meditation and gentle movement of the body. Wear something comfortable and warm. Suitable for all fitness levels.


A muscular conditioning class that gives you a full body workout. Each class varies between strength, endurance and conditioning training. Suitable for all fitness levels.


A simplified version of Functional Circuit Training (FCT) that can be taken at your own pace. Circuit is a structured full body workout that includes cardiovascular and weighted exercises. Suitable for all fitness levels.


A combination class with 20 minutes of hi-lo-aerobics, step, and high intensity cardio conditioning. A great option to lift your heart rate and get your sweat on. Suitable for all fitness levels.


A cardiovascular and toning workout that targets the thighs and glutes through rhythmic stepping and incorporating squat and lunge based movements. Simply adjust the height of your step platform to change the intensity of the workout. Suitable for all fitness levels.


A fun and energetic dance focused class that combines cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. Zumba mixes high and low intensity moves while utilising your coordination. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Classes not included in gym membership prices

Costs to attend the classes listed below vary. To find out more, visit reception or contact us.

SKB Muay Thai Kick Boxing

A combat sport form the Muay martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Muay Thai can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether that’s losing weight or improving cardiovascular health.


Ceroc is a partner dance that fuses Salsa and French Jive. Ceroc is simple to learn, fun, and a great way to meet new people. No dance partner or experience is necessary.

Senior Fit

A gentle aerobic workout designed for our senior community members. The classes incorporate elements of aerobic conditioning, strength conditioning, balance, coordination and fall prevention work. Suitable for all levels of health and fitness.


Our gym and fitness instructors are kept up to date with all new fitness industry developments and are registered with the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

Always let your instructor know if you’re working with an injury.

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