Minor subjects , Marau ririki

Some undergraduate qualifications offer minor subjects you can include in your overall study. Find out what minors are, and what subjects you can choose.

We offer many flexible qualifications at Massey that allow you to focus on specific subjects you're interested in. While your major is the main part of an undergraduate qualification, you can also choose minor subjects.

A minor is made up of fewer courses (and therefore credits) than your major in a degree.

For example, a Bachelor of Business student majoring in International Business may add a minor of Business Law. They will take fewer courses and credits in Business Law than in their major, International Business.

For some qualifications, adding a minor is compulsory. Some will also let you choose a minor from any other subject area, not just from within the qualification you're already studying.

When you successfully complete the courses you need for your minor, this will appear on your academic record. Unlike your major, your minor does not appear on your graduation certificate.

Degrees that include a minor

Some undergraduate degrees allow you to choose minor subjects from outside the qualification you are studying, while others will specifically name a list of minors you can choose from.

You can take a minor subject as part of the following bachelor's degrees.

Table outlining which bachelor's degrees include a minor and whether the minor is named, or can be chosen from any other degree.
Bachelor's degree Compulsory Can include minor from any degree
Agribusiness No Yes
Arts No BA, BBus and BSc only
Business No Yes
Commercial Music No Yes
Communication Yes No
Design with Honours No Yes
Information Sciences No Yes
Resource and Environmental Planning Yes No
Science No Yes
Sport and Exercise No Yes
Screen Arts with Honours No Yes

To find out more information about minors, see the outline of your qualification.

Minors we offer

The below table sets out which minors we offer, and on which campus (or by distance study) they are available. A 'mixed mode' minor may be completed at a location, with the inclusion of some courses taught via distance.

Table outlining which minors we offer, and on which campus (or by distance study) they are available.
Minor Available on Auckland campus Available on Manawatū campus Available on Wellington campus Available through distance study
Accountancy (BBus) Yes Yes No Yes
Applied Professional Practice (BBus) No Yes No Yes
Business (BInfSc minor-only subject) Yes (mixed mode) Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Business Analytics (BBus) Yes Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Business Law (BBus) No No No Yes
Chemistry (BSc) No Yes No No
Chinese (BA) Yes No No Yes
Classical Studies (BA) No No No Yes
Communication Management (BC) Yes Yes (mixed mode) Yes (mixed mode) Yes
Computer Science (BInfSc)(BSc) Yes Yes No Yes
Creative Writing (BA) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Science (BInfSc) Yes Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Defence Studies (BA) No No No Yes
Development Studies (BA) No Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Earth Science (BSc) No Yes No Yes
Ecology and Conservation (BSc) No Yes No No
Economics (BA) (BBus) Yes Yes No Yes
Education (BA) Yes Yes No Yes
Educational Psychology (BA) Yes (mixed mode) Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Emergency Management (BA) No No No Yes
English (BA) No No No Yes
Environmental Science (BSc) No Yes No Yes
Environmental Studies (BA) Yes (mixed mode) Yes No Yes
Exercise and Sport Science (BSc) No No No Yes
Finance (BBus) Yes Yes No Yes
French (BA) No No No Yes
Games Programming (BInfSc) Yes Yes No Yes
Geography (BA) No Yes No Yes
Global Communication (BBus) Yes Yes (mixed mode) Yes (mixed mode) Yes
History (BA) No No No Yes
Human Nutrition (BSc) Yes No No No
Human Resource Management and Employment Relations (BBus) Yes Yes No Yes
Indigenous Psychologies (BA) Yes (mixed mode) Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Information Systems (BInfSc) Yes No No Yes
Information Technology (BInfSc) Yes No No Yes
International Business (BBus) Yes Yes (mixed mode) Yes (mixed mode) Yes
Japanese (BA) No No No Yes
Linguistics (BA) No No No Yes
Management (BBus) Yes Yes No Yes
Māori Knowledge (BA) No Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Marketing (BBus) Yes Yes Yes (mixed mode) Yes
Mathematics (BA)(BSc) Yes Yes No Yes
Media Studies (BA) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microbiology (BSc) No Yes No No
Molecular Cell Biology (BSc) No Yes No No
Organisational Technology Management (BBus) Yes No No Yes
Philosophy (BA) No No No Yes
Physiology (BSc) No No No Yes
Plant Science (BSc) No Yes No Yes
Politics and International Relations (BA) No Yes No Yes
Property (BBus) Yes Yes No Yes
Psychology (BA) No Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Psychology (BSc) Yes Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Rural Valuation (BAgribusiness) Yes (mixed mode) Yes (mixed mode) No Yes
Security Studies (BA) Yes No No Yes
Social Anthropology (BA) Yes Yes No Yes
Sociology (BA) Yes Yes No Yes
Spanish (BA) No No No Yes
Statistics (BA, BSc) Yes Yes No Yes
Te Reo Māori (BA) No Yes No Yes
Zoology (BSc) No Yes No No

A minor available via 'mixed mode' requires inclusion of some courses taught via distance.

Adding a minor to a double major

If you are doing a double major, you may still be able to add a minor, depending on your qualification's specific requirements.