COVID-19 vaccination requirements , Mōhiohio pūwero mō KOWHEORI-19

Vaccine requirements for those visiting our campuses or undertaking face-to-face university activities.

Following a consultation process, Massey University’s Senior Leadership Team has decided that full (double) vaccination for COVID-19 will no longer be a requirement for anyone attending our campuses or undertaking any other in-person university activities. This excludes sectors where vaccinations are mandated by the Government, and any activities which are formally assessed with the outcome being a vaccination requirement.

The decision was also made with careful consideration and balance of:

  • A thorough review of all feedback submitted, including comments and questions for and against the recommendation.
  • Formal and informal feedback from the Tertiary Education Union and student associations.
  • The public health risk of COVID-19 (including any variants) in the university workplace versus in the community.

This change will be adopted from Friday 20 May 2022. Further risk assessments may be required to inform university decision-making should the COVID-19 operating context change in the future (such as new variants with potentially different health risks or Government instruction).

Important links

Links to resources informing the university’s decision to remove the vaccination mandate from 20 May 2022 can be found below;

General FAQs and decision

What is the university’s decision on a vaccination policy?

Vaccination for COVID-19 is no longer a general requirement for anyone attending our campuses or undertaking any other in-person university activities. However, there are two exceptions; this excludes:

What is the university doing to improve ventilation in enclosed spaces?

There are several steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of the presence of COVID-19 particle circulation in room settings which Massey’s facilities management team is currently considering.

How does Massey decide what is 'on campus'?

“On Campus” means any land forming a Massey University campus or otherwise used or occupied by the university for the purposes of undertaking education, research or other university activities.

Examples include the following Massey occupied locations:

  • University owned and operated student accommodation
  • University farms and orchards
  • Symonds Street, Auckland
  • Albany Village, Auckland
  • Ōtehā Rohe, Auckland
  • Corinthian Drive, Auckland
  • Hokowhitu, Manawatū
  • Aviation Centre, Milson, Palmerston North
  • University-owned or leased transport such as fleet vehicles, buses and boats
  • Etc

On Campus excludes premises outside New Zealand, and certain locations that are vaccine pass prohibited locations such as health and disability services, licensed early childhood education services, primary or secondary schools and public transport.

What is considered an ‘In-Person University Activity”?

“In-Person University Activities” means the Student or Worker participates in or undertakes university activities such as teaching, learning, research, and other professional work-related duties in-person either On Campus or at third party sites or locations. This also includes physical attendance at university events such as graduation or open days.

This includes (but may not be limited to): work-placements, work integrated learning, zero credit courses where in-person work experience/attendance at a workplace is required, research field work, field trips, research interviews where conducted in-person, meetings in-person off campus, in-person attendance at conferences, workshops or courses, and work-related travel.


What will happen to existing students who refuse to get vaccinated?

Massey recognises there will be some students who do not choose to be vaccinated. This remains their choice.

Massey strongly believes in the importance of accessible education for all New Zealanders which is why we have a large selection of qualifications, courses and some research activities that can be completed by distance regardless of your vaccination status.

We will work with students who choose not to be vaccinated for mandatory vaccination sectors vaccination to find a solution (where possible) for them to complete their studies in another field or, or to exit with a qualification where possible.

Which qualifications require a My Vaccine Pass?

Some qualifications require a My Vaccine Pass. These qualifications contain in-person teaching and cannot be offered solely by distance. If you are an international student affected by this, contact:

Qualifications where a My Vaccine Pass is required

What if my qualification requires a My Vaccine Pass and there is no alternative?

We are confident we will be able to offer students some alternative study in a different subject area, but it may not be in a similar area. If you do not want to take up study in a different subject area, we will issue an exit qualification/ transcript so that you have these credits you have gained formally recorded. In the course of time, if the management of COVID changes and is less reliant on vaccinations, we will welcome you to return and discuss readmission with us.

What happens to My Vaccine Pass once I upload it?

Students who have not uploaded their My Vaccine Pass seven (7) days before the start of their courses will be transferred to a fully-online version of that course, if one is available. If an online version is not available, then students without a vaccine pass will be withdrawn from courses and qualifications (we will attempt to contact you in advance to ensure you are informed of your choices). This does not apply to master's or doctoral students – please see the specific FAQs below.

Will my course fees be refunded if I am withdrawn because of my vaccine status?

Yes, for those courses you have not yet commenced. Undergraduate students who do not have a verified vaccination record will be withdrawn seven (7) days prior to course(s) or qualifications commencing. Any fees paid for the semester will be refunded to the payee.

Health and disability sector

A Government amendment to the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 required health and disability sector workers to be fully vaccinated by 1 December 2021.

This includes:

  • Regulated professions currently registered under the HPCA regulations
  • Non-regulated professions in the following healthcare settings:
    • Aged Residential Care Facilities
    • Home and Community Care Services
    • Kaupapa Māori Health Providers
    • Pacific Health Providers
    • Non-Government organisations who provide health services
  • Roles undertaken by people who:
  • Are in frequent face-to-face contact or are in close proximity to healthcare workers providing a health service
  • Work where a health service is being provided
  • Do not necessarily provide a health service, but their role requires frequent contact/engagement with those providing health services and is considered tied to a role within a healthcare setting.

Since 23 January 2022, those working in the health and disability sector have been required to have their booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Those working in this sector must receive their booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before either:

  • 15 February 2022; or
  • 183 days after the date they were fully vaccinated (ie within 6 months of receiving their second COVID-19 vaccine dose).

Those who do not receive their COVID-19 booster dose within the required time-frame will not be able to work in these settings.

Does this apply to me?

Yes – if you work in the health and disability sector and are considered a high-risk role, or work in a health and disability setting that requires regular close contact with patients or other high-risk workers.