Media resources for COVID-19 , Rauemi pāpāho mō KOWHEORI-19

Many Massey academics have research interests and expertise relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sciences expertise

Professor David Hayman's photo

Professor David Hayman

Professor of Veterinary Science, School of Veterinary Science

Expertise: Zoonotic diseases (infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites that spread between animals – usually vertebrates – and humans).

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Dr Joanna McKenzie's photo

Dr Joanna McKenzie

One Health epidemiologist, School of Veterinary Science

Expertise: Epidemiology, managing zoonotic diseases, national wildlife disease and vector-borne disease surveillance strategies.

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Professor Nigel French's photo

Professor Nigel French

Research director, School of Veterinary Science

Expertise: Testing, food supply, rural health, veterinary, animals, implications for the food industry, epidemiology and modelling.

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Professor Mick Roberts's photo

Professor Mick Roberts

Professor in Mathematical Biology

Expertise: Modelling the epidemiology of infectious diseases. Uses innovative mathematics to work out how they might spread and to develop strategies for control. His work has included research on the spread of swine flu (Influenza A (H1N1) virus) in 2009, and on SARS in 2003.

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Professor Murray Cox's photo

Professor Murray Cox

Doctoral Supervisor, School of Fundamental Sciences

Expertise: Infectious disease modelling, health data, statistics.

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Economic impact, business, work expertise

Professor Martin Berka's photo

Professor Martin Berka


+64 6 356 9099 extension 84022

Expertise: Macroeconomics, economic policy, regional development, international trade. Impact of COVID-19 on New Zealand and the global economy.

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Dr Henry Chung's photo

Dr Henry Chung

Associate Professor of Marketing, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing


Expertise: Marketing, international marketing, immigrant enterprises, Asian cultures and the business community and perceptions of New Zealand among Asian consumers. Can discuss the impact of COVID-19 on business with China and its trading partners.

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Professor David Tappin's photo

Professor David Tappin

Director, Healthy Work Group

Expertise: Director of a research group that studies workplace wellbeing, workplace bullying, including cyberbullying, changing work practices, including remote working.

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Professor Jane Parker's photo

Professor Jane Parker

Professor of Human Resources Management

Expertise: Employee relations and human resources.

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Social, cultural, political expertise

Professor David Johnston's photo

Professor David Johnston

Professor of Disaster Management, Joint Centre for Disaster Research

Expertise: Disaster management, human responses to warnings, crisis decision-making and the role of public education and participation in building community resilience and recovery. His work has included research on risk communication around the swine flu (Influenza A (H1N1) virus) in 2009.

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Dr Julia Becker's photo

Dr Julia Becker

Doctoral Supervisor, Joint Centre for Disaster Research

Expertise: Natural hazard preparation, disaster prep, perceptions, preparedness, community resilience, emergency management and warnings, earthquakes, psychology.

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Professor Christine Stephens's photo

Professor Christine Stephens

Professor, School of Psychology

Expertise: Health psychology, elderly, aging population, social isolation of older people.

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Dr Suze Wilson's photo

Dr Suze Wilson

Professor, Massey Business School

Expertise: Leadership, crisis communication, leading through a crisis, workplace equity.

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Associate Professor Grant Duncan's photo

Associate Professor Grant Duncan

Associate Professor of Politics, School of Humanities, Media and Creative Communication

Expertise: Political analysis, including the handling of COVID-19 by Government and the impact the pandemic may have on the upcoming General Election.

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Health and psychology expertise

Dr Rosie Gibson's photo

Dr Rosie Gibson

Research Officer, Sleep/Wake Research Centre

Expertise: Immune system, sleep patterns and difficulty in isolation.

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Dr Ian de Terte's photo

Dr Ian de Terte

Clinical Psychologist, School of Psychology

Expertise: Psychological consequences of occupational trauma for workers in high-risk occupations including first responders. Psychological resilience/coping strategies, psychological consequences of trauma/stress.

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Associate Professor Andy Towers's photo

Associate Professor Andy Towers

Doctoral Supervisor, School of Health Sciences

Expertise: Elderly, older adults’ healthy ageing and alcohol consumption.

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Dr Kirsty Ross's photo

Dr Kirsty Ross

Senior Clinical Psychologist, School of Psychology

Expertise: Clinical Psychology, child behaviour in lockdown, parenting.

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