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Massey's Knowledge Exchange Hub uses data-driven research to identify and understand critical social and economic issues affecting New Zealanders.

Our expertise

Our diverse team of researchers aims to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of all New Zealanders through ground-breaking, data-driven research.

We work with businesses and public sector agencies.

Commercial research and problem-solving

We can help your organisation solve complex business challenges.

We offer:

  • multi-disciplinary commercial research and consultancy expertise
  • deep, independent insights you can trust
  • qualitative and quantitative research.

Big data insights

We use data analysis to help company leaders understand what drives value to their businesses.

Real-time GDP forecasting

Our flagship project is GDPLive, a world-first online forecasting tool offering real-time estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

It uses machine-learning algorithms and daily data from private and public sector organisations to estimate economic activity in New Zealand. These data provide information on consumer spending, imports and exports, shipping, road transport, job listings, construction activity, immigration, consumer prices and household debt levels.

Visit the GDPLive website.

Industry sector analysis

Sector analysis offers insights into how well a given group of companies is likely to perform. It also enables individual organisations to benchmark against industry standards.

Economic impact studies

Economic impact studies examine the effect of an event on the economy in a specified area. These studies can help quantify the impact that, for example, the Rugby World Cup or a major policy change has on GDP, business revenue, wages or jobs.

Long-term forecasting

Forecasting is a powerful tool for businesses. By analysing trends in industry datasets, we can help businesses predict the future of the market and change their objectives and targets to achieve success.

Our team

The Knowledge Exchange Hub is headed by Professor Christoph Schumacher, professor in Innovation and Economics in the School of Economics and Finance.

Our diverse team includes top researchers in science, health, mathematics, data science, humanities, economics and finance.

To find out more about the Knowledge Exchange Hub, please contact us.

Professor Christoph Schumacher's photo

Professor Christoph Schumacher

Professor in Innovation and Economics, Director of the Knowledge Exchange Hub, School of Economics and Finance

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For all enquiries, email Business Manager Alison Brook.

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