The Arms and Colours of the University | Te Tohu me ngā Tae o te Whare Wānanga

Massey University crest

By the authority of the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England, the Kings of Arms assigned arms to Massey University on the 10th day of May 1967. The arms are defined as:

Gyronny of 10 argent and azure a mullet gules fimbriated argent and irradiated or and for the crest on a wreath of the colours issuant from flames proper a ram’s head argent horned and ensigned by the horns of the African long-legged ram.

On a scroll appear the words ‘floreat scientia’, which means, translated from Latin, ‘Let knowledge flourish’.

The symbolism of the design is interpreted as follows:

The star is from the Arms of New Zealand. Here it also represents knowledge and learning and so has been irradiated. It is in the centre of the shield, being the central theme of the University. The background, a gyronny of 10 pieces in blue and white, represents the 10 degrees first offered by the University. The crest is the ram’s head that was used in former years by the students’ association. This, with its four horns, is unusual and memorable and provides a link with agriculture and the former college. There are many ram’s head crests used in heraldry, so this one is made distinctive by proceeding from flames of learning. The flames also suggest, phoenix-like, the idea of a new body being born out of an old.

The University colours and their British Colour Council reference numbers are:

  BCC Name BCC Number
University blue midnight 90
Light blue forget-me-not 84