History of Massey University , Tātai Kōrero mō Te kunenga ki Pūrehuroa

Massey University has grown from a small agricultural college in Palmerston North to become New Zealand's largest residential university. We are spread across three campuses and have the most distance students.

Massey's beginnings

Massey's beginnings towards becoming a university began as an agricultural college in Palmerston North.

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Foundation years

The new College was carried through the difficult years of World War Two and Great Depression by staff and students.

Massey's consolidating years

When World War Two and the Depression were over, the College continued to grow and work towards becoming a university.

Massey becomes a university

Massey University College of Manawatu became Massey University of Manawatu on 1 January 1964.

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Massey spreads its wings

Massey University expanded in the 1990s with new campuses in Auckland and Wellington.

Milestones & further growth

Massey celebrates milestones and continues to grow.

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The students and scholars who have laid the foundations of Māori @ Massey.

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Massey University Archives

The Massey University Archives collections are available to staff, students, and members of the public.