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What you should do during an emergency

Common emergencies

The immediate actions of what to do in common emergencies is available from printed coloured flip charts which are available on each campus:

Massey University Emergency Procedures.pdf (440 KB)

Additional Earthquake Advice

Additional Information on what to do in an Earthquake

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If you are aware of an emergency event:

  1. Remain calm.  Think about what is happening - what are the dangers you and others face?

  2. Alert those around you.  Assist others if you are able to do so safely.

  3. If you received instructions, follow those instructions (for example from a class lecturer or a Floor Warden).

  4. If no instructions have been provided, use your best judgement.

  5. If you require urgent assistance call:
  • For Police, Fire or Ambulance call 111
  • For your Massey Security Team call 0800 MASS50 (0800 6277 50) all campuses from any phone.

Information will be available as soon as possible on the following:

Massey Website

Massey Facebook

Massey Twitter

Massey App (download this before an emergency to be sent alerts)

If the above platforms are disrupted, information will be relayed according to whatever means are available and best suit the situation.

Above all else use your common sense and keep calm.  Think, Decide, Act.