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Professorial promotions announced

The latest promotion round has seen 11 Massey University staff promoted to professor and 16 to associate professor. The promotions take effect from January 1.

Massey's newest professors

Professors Bourke, Chilvers and Emerson

Professor Roseanna Bourke – Institute of Education

Professor Bourke is a registered educational psychologist and teacher. She researches in the areas of learning and assessment, student voice, everyday learning and applied professional ethics. She recently gained international accreditation for the Massey University Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning through the UK-based higher education teaching excellence charity Advance HE and is currently leading the redevelopment of the Educational and Developmental Psychology programme. Professor Bourke is on the editorial board of four international journals and until this year was co-editor of the New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies. She is an associate editor of the International Journal of Student Voice and section editor of Student Voice of the Encyclopedia of Teacher Education. Her recent books include Researching ethically with children and young people in inclusive educational contexts, and Radical collegiality through student voice: Educational experience, policy and practice.

Professor Louise Chilvers – School of Veterinary Sciences

As a co-director of Wildbase and manager of the Wildbase Oiled Wildlife Response, Professor Chilvers role at Massey focuses on managing New Zealand's National oiled wildlife response team and undertaking research associated with oil spill response and marine mammal and seabird ecology. Her studies include biological, social, economic and management issues for oiled wildlife, including being part of a research project team that received a grant from the Lewis Fitch Veterinary Research Fund to explore the mental health or stress risks of animal emergency responders. During her career, Professor Chilvers research has focused on marine wildlife, population biology, behavioural and foraging ecology and conservation biology, having worked with New Zealand sea lions, fur seal, dolphins, whales, dugongs, and penguins.

Professor Lisa Emerson – College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Emerson is “absolutely passionate about teaching” – a passion she channels into role as teaching and learning director for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her career at Massey has been characterised by her interest in, and commitment to, teaching. She was a winner of the Prime Minister’s Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary teaching in 2008 and her teaching philosophy is discussed in Iain Hay’s Inspiring Academics: Learning with the World’s Great University Teachers (2011, OUP). She is the author of The Forgotten Tribe: Scientists as Writers (University Press of Colorado, 2016), in which she explores scientists’ attitudes, beliefs and development as academic writers. Her research on pedagogy includes work on literacy in students transitioning from the secondary school to the tertiary sectors and she is currently the primary investigator on a three-year Teaching and Learning Research Initiative-funded project that investigates information literacy in the secondary and tertiary sectors. She is a Senior Fellow and assessor for the UK-based higher education teaching excellence charity Advance HE, a Fulbright Senior Scholar (2013) and has represented the Ako Aotearoa Academy on the selection committee for the national teaching awards.

Professors Farrow, Hayman and Laven

Professor Angie Farrow - School of English and Media Studies

Professor Farrow is a multiple international award-winning playwright. She specialises in performance drama, public speaking and other aspects of the creative process. She is the recipient of five teaching awards including the National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award in 2010. She has inspired legions of creative writers, actors and directors, and has been instrumental in nurturing numerous arts projects and events in the Manawatū. These include The Visiting Artist Scheme, Summer Shakespeare, The Festival of New Arts and the Arts on Wednesday showcase at the Massey campus. There have been five publications of her plays and the most recent features two of her large-scale community theatre plays, Before the Birds and The River. Her short plays have featured in festivals in India, Malaysia, Australia, the UK, the USA, France Dubai and Singapore.  

Professor David Hayman - School of Veterinary Science

Professor Hayman’s research focusses on when and why globally important pathogens emerge and cause disease. He has been involved with studying some of the world’s most notorious pathogens, including the Ebola and rabies viruses. His research focuses on how host traits, such as birth rates, and infection dynamics determine affect disease emergence and epidemics in populations. Professor Hayman co-directs the Molecular Epidemiology and Public Health Laboratory (mEpiLab) and directs the virtual Infectious Disease Research Centre. He has published 64 peer-reviewed journal articles in internationally recognized, high ranking journals, including Science and PNAS and been awarded more than $7million in funding. He is a current Royal Society Te Apārangi Rutherford Discovery Fellow.

Professor Richard Laven - School of Veterinary Science

Professor Laven was inspired to become a veterinarian in the early 1970s, having witnessed cattle being vaccinated for the infectious viral disease Rinderpest in Ethiopia. He trained to be a veterinarian at the Royal Veterinary College in London and later went on to complete his doctoral studies at the same institution. He took up a role at Massey University in 2005, which allowed him to combine teaching with clinical practice. In recent times, he has spoken widely in the media about the eradication of cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis from New Zealand farms, drawing on his experience dealing with the disease in the United Kingdom. Professor Laven is a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Professors Nemeth, Rini and Smith

Professor Karoly Nemeth – School of Agriculture and Environment

Having graduated with a PhD in geology from the University of Otago in 2001, Professor Nemeth has gone on to specialise in sedimentology, physical volcanology, magma-water interaction research, and volcanic hazard studies. In 2016 he was awarded Catalyst: Seeding funding from the Royal Society of New Zealand to undertake a research project, titled, What is in the throat of a volcano? Understanding small volume volcanoes through examples from Japan and New Zealand, which has seen him collaborate with the Geological Survey of Japan to better understand the last moments of magma prior to eruption. Professor Nemeth was awarded a New Zealand Science and Technology post-doctoral fellowship in 2005.

Professor Adriane Rini - School of Humanities

Philosophy lecturer Professor Rini’s area of speciality is in the history of logic, Aristotle, and the philosophical applications of modern formal logic. Her research has earned numerous awards and honours including a Foreign Fellowship at the Royal Flemish Academy (2010). She is author of two books: Aristotle’s Modal Proofs and, with M.J. Cresswell, The World-Time Parallel. During her career she has been awarded four Marsden Grants from the Royal Society of New Zealand, including most recently a 2017 grant for her project in partnership with Victoria University on New Zealand’s most famous philosopher, Arthur Prior (1914-1969), "the father of tense logic".

Professor Huhana Smith – Whiti o Rehua School of Art 

Professor Smith, Ngāti Tukorehe, Raukawa ki te Tonga, is head of Massey University’s Whiti o Rehua School of Art, a visual artist, curator and principal research investigator. She leads collaborative, interdisciplinary, kaupapa Māori and action research projects. Professor Smith’s research teams have investigated freshwater decline. In recent years, they have addressed climate change concerns, where mātauranga Māori methods are used to supplement visual systems and scientific data. When combined in local, national and international exhibitions as research techniques, they expand how solutions might integrate complex issues and be more accessible for local communities.

Professors Tripe and Walpert

Professor David Tripe – School of Economics and Finance

Professor Tripe is head of the School of Economics and Finance at Massey University and frequent commentator for the media on banking sector and related issues. Prior to his academic career, he held roles in the banking industry for 17 years. His research interests include bank performance and balance sheet structure, bank asset and liability management, credit risk in banking, payment systems, international expansion of banks and other issues in banking management.

Professor Bryan Walpert - School of English and Media Studies

Professor Walpert is an award-winning poet, fiction writer, essayist and literary scholar. He is the author of three collections of poetry, Etymology, A History of Glass, and Native Bird; a collection of short stories, Ephraim's Eyes; and two scholarly books on literature: Resistance to Science in Contemporary American Poetry and Poetry and Mindfulness: Interruption to a Journey. He has been presented with awards in New Zealand, Australia and the US. Professor Walpert is a Senior Fellow of the UK’s Higher Education Academy and was a recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence and a national Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award.

Associate professors

College of Health

  • Dr Mary Breheny, School of Health Sciences
  • Dr Toby Mundel, School of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition
  • Dr Dennis Slade, School of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Dr France Grenaudier-Klijn, School of Humanities
  • Dr Christine Kenney, School of Psychology
  • Dr Jenny Poskitt, Institute of Education
  • Dr Sita Venkateswar, School of People, Environment and Planning

College of Sciences

  • Dr Alona Ben-Tal, Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  • Dr Naomi Cogger, School of Veterinary Science
  • Dr Larissa Howe, School of Veterinary Science
  • Dr Liz Norman, College of Sciences
  • Dr Ranvir Singh, School of Agriculture and Environment
  • Dr Karen Stockin, Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Massey Business School

  • Dr Jo Bensemann, School of Management
  • Dr Candie Chang, School of Economics and Finance
  • Dr Andrew Gilbey, School of Aviation
  • Dr Kan Tsui, School of Aviation

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