Massey University Doctoral Scholarship Regulations

Massey University Doctoral Scholarships are offered to encourage doctoral research. The scholarships are open to New Zealand and international students and are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and strategic research priorities.

There are scholarships for full-time and part-time candidates enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych) or Doctor of Social Work (DSW). There are also named scholarships for Māori and Pacific doctoral candidates.

Value and tenure

The value of a doctoral scholarship will be a stipend of $25,000 per annum and payment of tuition and non-tuition fees to a maximum of 36 months of full-time study.  Part-time study will include a stipend of $15,000 per annum and payment of tuition and non-tuition fees to a maximum of 60 months. Tuition fees will be paid at the domestic rate. For international recipients, non-tuition fees includes insurance for the candidate only.

The tenure of a doctoral scholarship will commence in the award year for up to a maximum of 36 months for full-time candidates and 60 months for part-time candidates.

Typical number on offer

To be determined


Applicants should have a conditional or unconditional admission offer of place in a doctoral programme at Massey University, or, be enrolled in the provisional year of a doctoral degree at the time of application closing date (prior to confirmation of registration). Full-time and part-time candidates are eligible to apply.

Selection criteria

Consideration will normally be given to applicants with a grade average of A- (7.0 on a nine-point scale) or equivalent. Applicants must also demonstrate that their research aligns with the strategic priorities of the University, College and research supervisor(s).

Selection panel

The University Scholarships Committee (USC), which includes cross-representation for the University.

College-based selection committees will evaluate, rank and recommend candidates to the USC for the award of the scholarship. Each College selection committee should include the College representative on the USC, as well as academic staff with responsibilities for doctoral education (including professional doctorates), research leadership and supervision. Cultural representation is expected, particularly to ensure Māori engagement in the selection process. The make-up of College selection committees is approved by the Chair of the USC.

In recommending the award of the scholarship, the selection committee may take into account other scholarships and bursaries held by the applicant.

The USC has the right to refrain from making an award if a candidate does not demonstrate high academic standing or strategic alignment. The University Scholarships Committee’s decision is final.

Conditions of the scholarship

Awardees are required to be enrolled in their approved course of research as a full-time or part-time candidate at Massey University. Candidates should advise the USC of changes to candidacy, including suspensions from study, changes to part-time or full-time status, or withdrawal from studies.

Doctoral scholarships may be terminated or suspended at any time at the discretion of the USC for the following reasons:

·         lack of satisfactory academic progress in the candidate’s approved programme of research, or,

·         breach by the candidate of any of Massey University's rules or regulations.

Doctoral scholarships may be held in conjunction with other scholarships, bursaries, awards and prizes, up to the value of $18,000 per annum. The doctoral scholarship will reduce commensurably with co-tenure above $18,000 per annum.

Full-time candidates in receipt of a doctoral scholarship are expected to engage in 40-50 hours per week of study, but may be employed on a part-time basis of up to 500 hours per annum. Part-time candidates in receipt of a doctoral scholarship are expected to engage in 20-30 hours per week of study, but may be employed up to 1500 hours per annum.

Candidates who change enrolment from part-time to full-time or visa-versa must inform the USC who will consider each application on a case-by-case basis. Candidates are only eligible for the sum total of the scholarship ($75,000). A change in status does not guarantee continuation of the scholarship.

Closing dates

Applications close on 1 October for the following year tenure and 1 April for the current year tenure.