Higher Education Commission (HEC) Scholarships


In 2005, three Massey University professors visited the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Pakistan at the invitation of the Chairman. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed under which more than 100 HEC scholars were sent to study PhD degrees at Massey University in New Zealand.

Massey University welcomes Pakistani HEC Scholars at each of its three New Zealand campuses (AucklandManawatū and Wellington) and any of its five Colleges:

For prospective HEC Scholars at Massey University

Find a topic

Finding the right supervisor is just as important as finding the right university! Massey has fantastic academic staff, working on interesting projects across a wide range of subject areas. Here are some links to get you thinking of possibilities:

Look for supervisors that work in the field you are interested in

You will have to email potential supervisors outlining your research interests, any experience you have of independent research (dissertation, publications etc.), your qualifications and how you will fund your study. Make sure you edit your email for grammatical/spelling mistakes and use the appropriate academic title for the researcher you are approaching before you send it.

What to do next?

Contact Craig Lyons to learn more about the process of becoming a student at Massey University.

Prepare all the required documents

You will need a full set of documents relating to previous study, a soft copy of your passport, an academic CV, evidence of English language proficiency and the contact details for two referees.

Previous qualification documents

For every qualification, you will need a transcript, graduation certificate or evidence of eligibility to graduate and grading legend (the explanation of the grading system issued by the institution).

For each qualification, these need to be combined into one single file and uploaded to the relevant place on the application form. So, if you have a Bachelor degree and a Masters, you will have two files each containing all the relevant documents for each qualification.

Contact your referees

You will be asked to add the contact details, including email address, of two referees who can attest to your research capability. We expect one referee to be the supervisor of any previous thesis/dissertation you have completed. Referees should know you in a professional capacity rather than as friends. You will need to ask them to act as a referee and advise them that Massey will be in contact with them.

Apply using the online portal

  • You can apply for your PhD through the Massey website.
  • Your doctoral application for admission will be submitted through the student portal. You will then be able to log on to the portal to track the progress of your assessment using the same login that you set up to submit an application. If we require further information or documentation, you will receive an email asking you to go to the portal and complete the relevant task.
  • Should you be approved and meet all the requirements for admission into the PhD, you will receive your Offer of Place in the student portal.

Please note: It can take up to 3 months for an offer to be issued.

Pakistani students at Massey University

Many HEC scholars have already completed their PhDs from Massey University and 21 are currently studying at Massey University with an HEC scholarship. HEC scholars have presented their studies to conferences in several countries including Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia and China, France and many other European countries.

Pakistani HEC scholars at Massey have affiliated their Association (PSA) with Massey University Students' Association. 


There are Pakistani students on each of the three campuses. Halal food and prayer facilities are also available on all three campuses.


Albany campus

The Albany campus is located just outside of New Zealand's largest city Auckland. This campus has a prayer centre in Building 96, Oteha Rohe.

Find out more about the Albany campus.

Manawatū campus

The Manawatū campus is the largest and has the most Pakistani students. The Islamic Centre at Manawatū is the first of its kind in any of the New Zealand Universities.

Purposefully built at a beautiful and peaceful site with all facilities including toilets, bathrooms, separate male and female wadooh areas and a prayer hall. Students can access the facility at any time of the day, 7 days a week.

Prayers are offered all 5 times a day. Regular Jumma prayer is also a feature of the centre with students and staff members taking their turns for Jumma Sermons and leading prayers in alternative weeks.

Find out more about the Manawatū campus.

Wellington campus

The Wellington campus is located in the heart of New Zealand's capital city. It is the second largest city in New Zealand and home to the Parliament and the National Museum.

Find out more about the Wellington campus.