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School resources and workshops – School of Food and Advanced Technology

Massey University's School of Food and Advanced Technology offers a number of workshops and activities for schools, both on our campus and at your school. We also have resources such as videos, posters and hands-on kits.

Massey campus workshops for schools

We offer a number of workshop topics to upskill school-aged children on food and advanced technology-related topics. If you are interested in getting your school involved in any of these please get in touch with us. These are held on-campus in Manawatū or Auckland.

Girl wearing VR glasses

Introduction to HoloLens Headset (90min)

Experiencing virtual reality on a production plant.

Woman drinking water


Learn how we clean up water and make it safe to drink.

pouring chocolate into mould

Chocolate Moulding Lab (120min)

Understanding the chemical principles behind moulding chocolate.

Introduction to image processing (30min)

Brief tutorial on how the digital camera works.

two almost identical cats

Spot the difference contest (30 min)

Participants compete in a 'spot-the-difference' game and learn about how limited our visual perception actually is.

test tube sampling water

Water quality testing (90 min)

Measuring turbidity (loss in transparency due to suspended particles).

Mechatronics workshop (75 min)

Laser cutting, 3D printing and scanning.

Capturing traffic over the internet (60 min)

Hands-on testing on routes, IP addresses and live packet capture.

image of person photoshopped to show scene in his silhouette

Photoshop tutorial (60 min)

The participants will create a composition in Photoshop and learn about lighting and colour.

Visiting your school


We can come to your school to give your students a visual and engaging understanding workshop to help them understand what engineers do and what aspiring engineers need to study.

The students gets hands on experience with using CAD software, making their own PCBs, programming mobile robots, and learning about 3D printing and manufacturing.


Typically, the school library, large classroom or auditorium are suitable as long as there is space to accommodate the students attending and there is an area for the project displays. We normally allow 45 minutes for a session, which includes time for the students to get a closer look at the robots and projects as well as a chance to talk to the team. We can accommodate 10-40 students in one visit.


Please contact Dianne Cook if this would be of interest to your school and we will endeavour to meet your requirements

Resources for schools

Liquid comparisons MuFTI kits

Massey University has developed food science and product development kits intended to support 21st century food technology teaching in schools. MUFTi kits are a range of food experiment kits designed to demonstrate the use of additives in food product development in the classroom. They are aimed at increasing student knowledge on the origin and use of additives in industrial food manufacturing.

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Posters and videos


Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) engagement programme provide activities and learning to underline student curriculum at NCEA Level 1 to 3. Find out more by contacting us below