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Using Alginate – making alginate caviar

In the fifth of the Massey University Food Technology information (MUFTi) series, alginate is used in an example of molecular gastronomy, to produce some unusual food products - cola “caviar” and a ravioli food. Students explore the concept of ingredient functionality in foods, through the formation of gels.

The alginate experiments allow students to understand the basic mechanics of gel formation and the role of thickeners as additives in food production. They will use functional modelling to evaluate design ideas and will evaluate the gel strength of products after varying production parameters.

  • Using alginates in a technological product to allow the formation of a gel.
  • Understanding how materials can be formed, manipulated and/or transformed to enhance the fitness for purpose of a technological product
  • Understand how technological systems employ controls to allow for the transformation of inputs to outputs.

MUFTi KIT 905 contains enough materials for at least 8 classes of 10 groups per class.

Included in this kit:

  • 20 dropper pipettes
  • 300g alginate
  • 100g xanthan gum
  • 200g sodium citrate
  • 1.5kg calcium chloride
  • 1 CD (information, instruction and student worksheets)