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Using Carrageenan – making chocolate milk (MUFTi Kit 906)

The flavoured milk market has been a significant section of the dairy industry for decades. Chocolate is produced by adding cocoa powder to the milk for both flavour and colour. One problem with cocoa powder is that it will settle out from the milk and appear as a dark brown layer on the bottom.

The appearance of the milk is affected and the milk must be shaken before consumption to ensure full flavour and colour. The use of an additive can overcome the problem of the cocoa powder settling out.

  • Use carrageenan to manipulate the properties of a technological product.
  • Teach your students how prototyping can be used to justify refinement of technological outcomes.
  • Demonstrate how materials are selected, based on desired performance criteria.
  • Discover that in the sensory testing of a food product, a successful outcome is determined by the relationship between its physical and functional nature.

MUFTi KIT 906 contains enough materials for at least 8 classes of 10 groups per class.

Included in this kit:

  • 10 x 25ml measuring cylinders
  • 100g carrageenan
  • 500g alkalised cocoa powder
  • 1 CD (information, instruction and student worksheets, powerpoint presentations)