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Using Emulsifiers – salad dressings

In the fourth of the Massey University Food Technology information (MUFTi) series, emulsifiers are used in salad dressings to introduce the concept of ingredient functionality in foods, differing processing methods and to learn formal consumer sensory evaluation.

The salad dressing experiments allow students to understand the need and effectiveness of different emulsifiers and stabilisers. Further extension work enables students to understand ingredient functionality in low oil mayonnaises.

  • Using an emulsifier to control the stability of salad dressings and mayonnaises.
  • Understanding how processing methods may affect the final product in salad dressing production.
  • Demonstrating the role of sensory science in development of salad dressings, to assess taste, appearance and consistency characteristics.

MUFTi KIT 904 contains enough materials for at least 8 classes of 10 groups per class.

Included in this kit:

  • 50 graduated tubes
  • 1 kg egg yolk powder
  • 1 kg Ultratex starch
  • 50g xanthan gum
  • 100ml Tween 80
  • 2 booklets litmus paper
  • 1 CD (information, instruction and student worksheets)