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Enrobing chocolate using PGPR (MUFTi Kit 903)

The chocolate enrobing experiment allows students to understand the economics of producing a consistent product. Further extension work enables students to understand potential problems when flavouring or colouring a chocolate product.

  • Using an emulsifier to control the viscosity of liquid chocolate and hence the thickness of coating on the final product.
  • Calculating the cost of producing a food product with and without the addition of PGPR emulsifier.
  • Demonstrating the problems of using water-based colours and flavours with a chocolate product.

MUFTi KIT 903 contains enough materials for 8 classes of 10 groups per class

Included in this kit:

  • 100 ml PGPR additive
  • 200 sample cups
  • 50 transfer pipettes
  • 3 flavours (both oil and water soluble forms)
  • 3 colours (both oil and water soluble forms)
  • 1 CD (information, instructions and student worksheets)

The only ingredients not included is the supply of chocolate buttons and biscuits.