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Using Xanthan Gum (MUFTi Kit 902)

In the second of the MUFTi series, Xanthan gum is used to provide an example of the role of food additives in the manufacturing of food products. The experiments demonstrate how the stability and shelf life of custard dessert is improved with this commonly used food stabiliser.

The custard dessert experiment allows students to experience industrial food formulation on a small scale. 

  • Using natural products as additives in food production links science and technology
  • Using a cornstarch, Xantham gum, as a stabilizer in the production of custard dessert
  • Demonstrating the effect of Xanthan gum on the viscosity and texture of custard. 
  • Containing funnels, cone consistometer and colour charts for modelling the specifications of a custard dessert concept (concept modelling).

MUFTi KIT 902 contains enough materials for 8 classes of 10 groups per class

Included in this kit:

  • 50 g xanthan gum
  • 75 g starch
  • 3 x food flavours
  • 3 x food colours
  • 100 retort pouches
  • 10 small funnels (reusable)
  • 1 CD (background information, unit plan, PowerPoint presentations, instructions and student work sheets)