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ABI Sequencing and Genotyping Prices

Effective 1st March 2021

Sequencing Service

Sequencing Price from 1st March 2021*
Full Sequencing Service (Plasmids/PCR Products)
$11.00 per sequencing reaction
Full Sequencing Service (Cosmids and BACs)
$17.50 per sequencing reaction
Full Sequencing Service (Bacterial Genomic DNA)
$30.50 per sequencing reaction
Capillary Separation Sequencing Service
$7.50 per sequencing reaction
Capillary Separation 96-well Plate Sequencing Service
$480.00 per plate
Capillary Separation with reaction cleanup Sequencing Service
$8.00 per sequencing reaction
96-well Plate Service with reaction cleanup Sequencing Service
$570.00 per plate
Sequencing Electropherogram Printout
$1.00 per electropherogram per printout

Genotyping Service

Genotyping Price from 1st March 2021*

Genotyping Capillary Separation Service
$8.00 per genotyping reaction
Genotyping Plate Service
$420.00 per plate
Genotyping Chromatogram Printout
$1.00 per chromatogram printout


Purchasing Consumables Price from 1st March 2021*
BigDye® Terminator v3.1 – 80ul vial**
BigDye® Terminator v3.1 – 880ul vial**
POP-7 polymer – 28mL bottle
Overnight courier with dry ice#
Overnight courier with ice pack#


* All prices are excluding GST

** Customers using the Sequencing Capillary Separation Service and Sequencing Plate Service, can purchase BigDye® Terminator v3.1 from the Massey Genome Service. Please contact our service for purchasing.

# Charges apply to customers who requires the consumables to be delivered using overnight courier. Please make sure a purchase order for the courier service is sent with the sequencing request. 

Please download the PDF file below, which contains information on the following:

List of prices

Service outline

Sample Requirements

MGS ABI Service Outline and Prices - March 2021 (156 KB)