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Wildlife Case Studies


Kiwi case study Wildbase hospital sees many kiwi each year with issues ranging from parasite infestations to trap injuries. Since its opening in 2002 the success rate for kiwi cared for at Wildbase has risen to 80%. 

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Takahe Despite there only being 240 of these birds in existance, Wildbase hospital sees several takahe a year. They come with an array of medical issues ranging from fractured limbs to spinal tumours.

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Seabird case study We treat many different types of seabirds and penguins, that have been affected by weather events, pollution or attacks from other animals.

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Other native birds

kakariki.jpg From the kereru to the kakariki and bellbirds to bitterns we treat a wide range of rare and common New Zealand native birds.

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raptor-case-study.jpg Harriers are a common raptor species in New Zealand. Unfortunately they often get hit by passing vehicles, and investigations at Wildbase often reveals an underlying health issue.

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Other animals

gecko.jpg Wildbase treat many other sorts of animals, from bats to geckos and exotic birds that have arrived in New Zealand by accident.

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