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Get Published! Preparing your research for publication

This course aims to help postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and early career scholars expedite the process of successfully publishing an academic journal article or other scholarly publication. Participants will review, revise, edit, and prepare an existing manuscript for submission to an appropriate academic journal or other publication venue in their field. Participants must submit a draft manuscript (5,000-8,000 words) as part of registration for this course.  

With the guidance of research-active scholars in science communication and academic writing studies, participating students will:

  • Receive customised feedback on their draft manuscript;
  • Break down the writing process into actionable steps that progress toward publication;
  • Form a supportive community of writers with their colleagues;
  • Dialogue with current academic journal editors and reviewers;
  • Examine feedback from reviewers and devise strategies to respond to it;
  • Revise their draft manuscript substantially for a specific publication venue;
  • Create and begin to execute a plan for publishing their manuscript.

Exclusive class size

Participation is limited to 16 participants per offering. A small class size allows for detailed and customised feedback from the research-active instructor.

Target disciplines

The skills taught in this course are applicable for researchers in all disciplines, including the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts.

Course length

The 6-week version of this course covers the exact same content as the 12-week version, but it moves at twice the pace. The 6-week version is therefore ideal for participants who already have a solid draft manuscript and a strong command of written English. The 12-week version is ideal for participants who are juggling many commitments and require more time to do their best writing. 


Participants can expect to spend +50 hours of work on this course, most of which will be spent revising their own draft manuscript. 


There are no formal assessments in this course. Instead, participants will complete weekly writing exercises--including revising, editing, and peer review--with their draft manuscripts. 

Online learning

Due to the complexities of working with global researchers and their different schedules, the online offering of this course is fully asynchronous, meaning that there are no synchronous video meetings. All teaching in the online offering will occur through pre-recorded educational videos, weekly announcements, regular dialogue in online forums, writing exercises, and detailed customised feedback on participant drafts. This array of activities provides participants with a variety of ways to engage - on their own time - with the course materials, the instructor, and fellow participants. Some past participants have also scheduled their own local weekly meetings to work through the course materials together.


The instructors will address some issues of grammar, usage, and mechanics in their customised feedback on participants drafts. But grammar is not the primary reason most research is rejected or accepted for publication. As such, this is not an English grammar course. Instead, this course teaches an essential set of academic writing and science communication skills that participants can apply to all current and future research writing projects. 

Academic staff

Note: Although many participants in this course achieve their publication goals, participation in this course does not guarantee successful publication.

Also note participation does not include access to the Massey University Library system, unless you already have access to the library system through other means (eg. you are already enrolled in a Massey qualification).

Next offering

3 October - 18 November 2022
Mode: Online, asynchronous

$799NZD, plus GST


Click here to register for this course. 

You will receive an email to direct you where to submit your draft manuscript (5,000-8,000 words). After your draft has been received and reviewed by the instructor, participants with a suitable draft will be notified of their acceptance in the course, at which point payment will be required to reserve your spot in the course. 

Participants with a suitable draft will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so register and submit your draft manuscript soon!


"I just had to drop you a line to say how fabulous it was to get your feedback on our paper and very much appreciated. I’ll certainly be recommending more of my researchers to consider this course as they start to write their papers." 

- Professor Joanne Hort, Fonterra Riddet Chair in Consumer Sensory Science

"Get Published has helped me a lot in both the way of revising my previous paper and starting my new paper. This course not only taught me how to construct a journal paper but also explained the rationale behind it. The lecturer’s way of delivering the paper makes writing so interesting and fascinating. I have enjoyed and benefited a lot from this course, and I would strongly recommend you all to take this course as early as possible in your PhD journey!" 

- Sandra Xu, Doctoral Candidate in Finance