Clutha Veterinary Association Travel Grant

For 3rd, 4th or 5th year Bachelor of Veterinary Science students interested in seeing practice with the Clutha Vet Association

Scholarship overview

Status: Closed

Key facts

Value: $2,000
Duration: One year's duration
Number available: Five awards
Type of study: Undergraduate
Of note: Work experience.

Application dates

Applications open: 31 July 2023
Closing date: 31 October 2023


Eligibility restrictions: Full time study. Specific programme only.

Who we're looking for

We’re looking for a vet student who is interested in working in rural large or mixed animal practice, particularly in the South. You will be in your third, fourth, or fifth year in the travel year.

What you'll be studying

This is an undergraduate scholarship. You will be enrolled in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Eligibility criteria

You should have a preference for working in a rural practice after graduation.

Application checklist

Include the following with your application:

  • a brief one page covering letter which explains a little about yourself, your areas of interest, and likely career aspirations, specifically in relation to your interest in rural veterinary practice
  • a statement on your financial need and how this grant would help you
  • your CV
  • academic references (optional)

Selection considerations

When choosing our recipient, we will consider your academic achievement and your financial need. We will also consider your future career intentions.