Institute of Education Postgraduate Pathway Scholarship

For postgraduate research students undertaking strategically valuable research as part of a master’s degree in education at Massey University.

Scholarship overview

Status: Closed

Key facts

Value: $5000 towards tuition fees
Duration: One year's duration
Number available: Typically three awards
Type of study: Full-time, Part-time, Postgraduate, Masters, Research

Application dates

Applications open: 17 January 2025
Closing date: 1 March 2025


Eligibility restrictions: Specific programmes only. Full time or Part time.

Institute of Education staff are actively engaged in a diverse range of research on significant educational questions. There is a strong focus on providing high quality research and professional training pathway experiences for postgraduate students. The Institute can provide an authentic training pathway by including recipients as members of one of the research teams, and by supporting recipients to make a practical contribution to scholarly and professional knowledge. You are invited to apply for one of the following scholarships:

- Kia Mārama Postgraduate Pathway Scholarship; for applicant’s who identify as Māori or are undertaking research in the area of Māori education

- Growing Pearls of Wisdom Postgraduate Pathway Scholarship; for applicants who identify as Pacific or are undertaking research in the area of Pacific education

- Postgraduate Pathway Scholarship

Who we're looking for

Before applying for this scholarship, it is important you have discussed and agreed upon an intended research topic. This research should have strategic alignment with the Institute of Education.

The Joint Staff-Postgraduate Student Research Projects booklet outlines information about our staff researchers and the educational studies they are currently engaged in, as well as current research projects being undertaken. You are expected to align your own research with that of our staff researchers or a current research project.

What you'll be studying

This is a postgraduate scholarship. You will have completed the taught component of your postgraduate qualification in education and be intending to enrol in the research course of a master's degree within the Institute of Education, Massey University.

Eligibility criteria

You should be intending to enrol in one of the following courses:


  • 267.881/267.882 Education Thesis (90 credits)
  • 267.871/267.872 Education Thesis (120 credits)
  • 271.808/271.809 Speech Language Therapy (120 credits)

Part time:

  • 267.881 Education Thesis 90 credits Part 1 (45 credits) and 267.882 Education Thesis 90 credits Part 2 (45 credits)
  • 267.871 Education Thesis 120 credits Part 1 (60 credits) and 267.872 Education Thesis 120 credits Part 2 (60 credits)
  • 271.808 Speech Language Therapy Thesis 120 credits Part 1 (60 credits) and 271.809 Speech Language Therapy Thesis 120 credits Part 2 (60 credits)

  • 267.861 Professional Inquiry (45 credits)
  • 267.860 Professional Inquiry (60 credits)
  • 267.875 Professional Inquiry in Specialist Teaching (45 credits)
  • 253.800 Research Project Counselling (45 credits)
  • 256.847 Applied Research in Educational Psychology (60 credits)

Application checklist

Include the following with your application:

  • a brief (one page maximum) description of the intended research being undertaken within your Project or Research Area
  • a letter of support from academic staff member affiliated with your intended research
  • a statement on each of the following with 200 words for each point: 1. The potential impact/sphere of influence of the research. 2.How the research will help achieve your career goals. 3. How your research supports Massey being Tiriti o Waitangi-led

Selection considerations

Selection will be primarily based on applicants:

  • highlighting the potential impact and or sphere of influence of the research (school/education setting, region, community, country)
  • demonstrating how completing the research will contribute to achieving their career goals in education
  • demonstrating the relevance of their study to Massey University’s goal of being a Tiriti o Waitangi-led tertiary institution
  • for the Pearls of Wisdom Scholarship – promoting research that is Pacific centred, with Pacific methodologies/methods, with high impact for Pacific communities

Applicant’s GPA and intended research alignment with staff and support from the project leader will also be taken into consideration.