William Broughton Bursary in New Zealand Literary Studies

For undergraduate or postgraduate students enrolled in a New Zealand literature course in the year of or the year prior to the award.

Scholarship overview

Status: Closed

Key facts

Duration: One year's duration
Number available: One award
Type of study: Full-time, Part-time, Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Application dates

Applications open: 28 February 2024
Closing date: 27 April 2024


Eligibility restrictions: Specific programmes only. High achievement.

This bursary arises from a bequest to Massey University by Dr William Broughton, who was an academic staff member in the Department of English (later the School of English and Media Studies) from 1963 to 2004. Dr Broughton’s specialist area in teaching and research was in the literature of New Zealand. He died in 2016.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for someone with success in English or expressive arts who would benefit from financial assistance.

What you'll be studying

These are undergraduate and postgraduate bursaries. You will have recently completed, or be intending to complete, a paper in New Zealand literature as part of your study in an English or expressive arts programme.

Application checklist

Include the following with your application:

  • A personal statement outlining your academic achievements to date in English and/or expressive arts at secondary or tertiary level. You should also comment on your financial need and how this bursary would help you

Selection considerations

When selecting our recipient we will consider your current financial need. We will also take into account your previous academic achievements in this subject area.