Sport and Exercise Science Research Laboratory – Auckland , Te whakamātautau hākinakina, kori tinana

Our laboratory on Massey's Auckland campus offers physiological and biomechanical analysis for a wide range of sport and occupational activities.

Athletes, sports teams and the public can book for tests at our laboratory on Massey's Auckland campus in Albany.

What we do

Our laboratory staff have experience across many sports, athletes and occupations.

Sport and exercise students learn and practice at this laboratory.

Physiological tests we provide include:

  • VO2 max and peak testing
  • functional power
  • lactate and ventilatory thresholds
  • lactate steady state
  • exercise economy
  • Wingate and aerobic peak power testing
  • strength assessment
  • heart rate monitoring
  • resting metabolic rate
  • haemodynamic status
  • wide range of sport-specific performance tests
  • state of the art body composition assessments.

Our range of research and testing equipment includes:

  • online gas analysis – Sensormedics Vmax, Moxus and Cosmed
  • cycle ergometers – Velotron, Lode, Monark, Cateye
  • rowing ergometer – Concept II
  • treadmills – Woodway, True
  • upper body ergometer – Monark Rehab Trainer
  • Biodex isokinetic dynamometer
  • Uscom non-invasive hemodynamics
  • Schiller ECG monitoring – Polar heart rate monitors
  • LactatePro II blood lactate analyser
  • body composition – DXA, 3D technology, Bodpod, Peapod, bioelectrical impedence.

Laboratory and field fitness testing is available, including sport-specific performance tests

Find us

We are based in the Auckland Recreation Centre building on the East Precinct campus on Albany Expressway, Auckland.

1 University Ave Gate 1 - Massey University - East Precinct, Albany Expressway, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

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To find out about testing, pricing information and to book a test or facilities, contact David Rowlands:

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Access to the Sport and Exercise Science Research Laboratory for testing is arranged on an individual basis.