New Zealand universities pay equity claims

Information about New Zealand universities' pay equity claims.

In September 2022, two pay equity claims were raised with the Vice Chancellors of New Zealand’s eight universities by:

  • The New Zealand Tertiary Education Union (TEU)
  • The New Zealand Public Service Association (PSA)
  • The Tertiary Institutes Allied Staff Associate Incorporated (TIASA).

The claims cover employees who work in:

  • Library assistance, library advice and library services; and
  • Clerical and administrative work.

For up-to-date information about these two pay equity claims, please go to the Universities NZ pay equity claims page.

The Employment Relations Act (2000) allows for pay equity claims to be raised when there are concerns that roles traditionally performed by women are underpaid relative to comparable roles traditionally performed by men, with the goal to ensure that people are paid equally for doing work of equal value. New Zealand law prohibits discrimination in pay on the basis of gender and the Equal Pay Act 1972 encourages employees and employers to work together and use evidence-based decision making to address pay inequity.

​​​​​All university staff who work in these roles, or roles that are materially similar, are automatically covered under these claims, even if you are not a member of one of the three unions who have raised these claims.

What does it mean to be automatically covered by the claims?

Your name, job title, and contact details will be sent to all three unions, unless you opt out of the claim. The unions will communicate with you about the claim, content of any settlement that may be proposed, and the process for voting on any proposed settlement.  If the claims are settled, the benefits of settlement will automatically apply to you and may result in an increase in your pay and related changes to your terms and conditions of employment.

​​​​​​​You don’t have to be a member of the TEU, PSA, or TIASA, or pay any fees to the unions to be covered by these claims.

Can I opt out of the pay equity claims?

If you do not wish to be part of the pay equity claims, you can choose to opt out of the pay equity process, and you will not benefit automatically from the pay equity claim settlement.

​If you choose to opt out of the claim, you must give notice in writing to Massey University by emailing

For more information on how to opt out, please visit New Zealand universities’ pay equity claims

If you are already a member of one or more of the unions, it is not possible to opt out of the pay equity process without first cancelling your membership of the union(s).

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