Applying to work at Massey , Tono mahi ki Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa

Learn about how to apply for work at Massey, including using our application system and how long the application process takes.

Submitting an application

Online submissions

Register your details via the online recruitment system to submit an application online.

Select the position you wish to apply for, select Begin and follow the steps.

You can save your application at any stage and return to complete, and submit it, at any point before the application closing date.

Please upload documents you wish to use before submitting an application. New documents cannot be added after the application has been submitted.

Overseas applicants

Applications are accepted from all around the world. Note that all jobs are based on New Zealand time/date, so take care with overseas time changes when submitting your application.

If you don’t currently have permission to work in New Zealand, you will need to have the appropriate permission in place before you start work.

Immigration criteria and process will depend on whether the position is deemed a skill shortage area by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

Find out more on the Immigration New Zealand website.

Multiple job applications

You can apply for more than one job at the same time. You will need to submit a separate application for each job.

Saving documents for other applications

You can save documents for use in other applications – just register an account.

Registering an account makes it easier for you to find and apply for other jobs with us, and it makes it easier for us to find you.

When you create an account and enter your personal details you can also:

  • enter the details of your referees
  • upload covering letters, resumes, and other types of documents
  • automatically use these details when making applications.

You can also over-write these with new documents if you wish to do so.

Closing time for applications

Applications can close at a variety of times during the day, so please check the time and date stated on the position page.

Covering letters and CVs

Addressing your covering letter

Address your cover letter: "To whom it may concern", unless the contact person’s name is specifically mentioned within the advertisement.

What to include

You will need to include written evidence about your:

  • experience
  • performance
  • skills
  • knowledge
  • qualifications.

Relate these to the key accountabilities and personal specifications identified in the job description and advertisement.

Massey is looking for evidence that you meet each of these important requirements for the position and this information will need to be clearly evident in your covering letter and curriculum vitae.


Adding and updating referee details

If you have saved your application, you will be able to add or update your referee details. No changes can be made online once you have submitted your application.

If you wish to make changes after you have submitted your application, please contact us at

You must note that referees are not contacted without your prior consent.

Setting up a Job Alert


Log in to your account


On the My Account page under Job Alerts for Advertised Positions, click on add a new job alert


Set your search criteria


Click Search


Click on save this search. You will now be emailed with any new roles fitting your search criteria

Once you have registered for job alerts, you can also submit your CV and information to the casual talent pool by:

  • logging in to My Account
  • selecting edit your casual and temporary work profile.

Cancelling Job Alerts

To remove Job Alert notifications please log in to your account.

Go to the My Account page and click on the red X next to your saved search. This will remove any future notifications from being emailed to you.

Casual talent pool

We recommend that you create a job alert so that you are notified of any fixed-term or ongoing vacancies that may be of interest to you.

If you are interested in casual work, you can also email Please send your CV, and advise what sort of employment you would be interested in. If temporary or casual work becomes available that we think might be of interest to you, the hiring manager will contact you directly using the details provided in your CV.

Personal information

Your information is collected for the purpose of assessing your suitability for employment with Massey University. If your application is successful it will be retained on your personal file, otherwise the information provided by you in your application will be destroyed.

Health information is required to assist the university to meet its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Injury Prevention Rehabilitation and Compensation Act, and to assess your ability to do the job.

Troubleshooting and using the system

Signing in

The sign-in box is on the right-hand side of the Current Vacancies page. It is located next to the My Profile button.

Email address in use

The system may tell you that you have already registered or it is 'unable to process new candidate'

When you receive this message 'this email address is in use, please login', it means that the email address you are using has previously been registered with Massey and you will need to login.

You can either click on 'login' and it will take you to the login place; or, from the 'Current Vacancies' page, select 'Login' and enter your username (email address) and password. You will be able to start your online application.

Go to the Current Vacancies page

Password resets

You can reset your password from the Forgotten Password page.

Go to the Forgotten Password page

Email address changes

To change an email address you no longer have access to:

  1. Log in at Current Vacancies using your old email address
  2. Select My Profile
  3. Go to My Details to change your email address.

Personal detail updating

To update your personal details:

  1. Log in at Current Vacancies
  2. select My Profile
  3. Go to My Details – under this section you can update your personal details.

CV won't upload

The online employment site only accepts documents and attachments in these formats:

  • .doc
  • .docx,
  • .pdf

Files are accepted up to a maximum of 12MB.

Adding more documents

If you have more documents to include with your application that cannot be uploaded when you apply for a position you can email the documents to to be uploaded.

Include the reference number and position title in your email.

Delete a CV

To delete a CV you've already submitted:

  1. Log in to your portal and select My Profile. This will list the applications your have started, submitted and completed.
  2. Select Edit Application next to the position you would like to change your CV for.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Go to the resume section of the application, select Browse to find your CV
  5. Select save. This will automatically override your existing CV. The document time will remain the same. If it does not change, you can email your request to Include the reference number and title of the position in your email.

Amendments after applying

To amend a CV or add a cover letter after you’ve applied:

  1. Log in to your portal and select My Profile. This will list the applications your have started, submitted and completed.
  2. Select Edit Application next to the position you would like to change your CV or covering letter for.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Go to the section of the application you wish to amend
  5. Select Browse to find your document you wish to change it to
  6. Select 'save'. This will automatically override your existing document. The document title will remain the same. If it does not change, you can email your request to Include the reference number and title of the position in your email.

Withdraw an application

Position still being advertised

If the position is still currently advertised you can withdraw your application in your portal.

Log in to your portal and select My Applications. The list of positions you have applied for will be here and you can withdraw your application.

After the closing date

If the closing date for the position has passed and you wish you withdraw your application email

Include the position reference number for the position that you wish to withdraw your application from.

Hearing back from Massey

The time to hear back from Massey can vary between 1 and 4 weeks.

We aim to complete the recruitment process as quickly as possible. But there are often large numbers of candidates and departments may take more time in the shortlisting process to make sure they have chosen candidates who will be best suited to the role.

Unsuccessful applications

We review all applications after the closing date. If your application has been unsuccessful, you will be notified via email.

Feedback on unsuccessful applications

Due to the significant number of applications that Massey receives, we are unable to provide individualised feedback to applicants who did not reach the shortlisting stage.

In most cases, not being shortlisted means that due to the number of applications received, managers were able to very closely match the requirements. Sometimes applicants with relevant experience are not able to be considered for interview.

Pre-employment checks

Depending on the position you may also be required to complete pre-employment checks such as the:

  • Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security) Check
  • Credit History Check
  • Health Assessment Check.

These requirements will be acknowledged in the personal specification section of the job description when the position is advertised.

In some cases all shortlisted applicants will be required to complete these pre-employment checks, however generally only the preferred applicant will be required to complete these.

You will be advised well in advance either through the advertising of the position, in the job description or verbally by the interview convener, if the position you are applying for will be required to be assessed in any of these ways.

Contacting you

You will be contacted via the preferred method of contact (letter or email) indicated by you in your application for employment form.

Phone contact

We only contact shortlisted candidates by telephone. During the initial screening stage, the response can only be sent out via email or letter.

Staff Recruitment Team


+64 6 951 9000 extension 86000


Physical/courier address
Staff Recruitment
People and Culture
Tennent Drive
Massey University
Palmerston North
New Zealand

Postal address
Human Resources (PN 202)
Staff Recruitment
Massey University
Private Bag 11 222
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand

All general enquiries should be directed to the Massey University Contact Centre.

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