AdvanceHE fellowship recipients celebrated

Thursday 4 August 2022

Ninety-six Massey teaching staff have been awarded fellowships by AdvanceHE (The Higher Education Academy).​​​​​​​

Andy Martin

Professor Andy Martin has become the second Massey academic to be awarded the Principal Fellowship

Last updated: Thursday 4 August 2022

The staff, who achieved these fellowships in either 2021 or 2022, were celebrated for their achievements at ceremonies across the three campuses this week, as well as at an online celebration.

The internationally recognised AdvanceHE programme aims to improve higher education across the world for staff, students and society. Teaching staff choose to participate in these self-driven pathways to assess and advance their teaching practice.  

Professor in Sport and Physical Education Andy Martin has become the second ever Massey academic to be awarded the Principal Fellowship

Principal Fellowships are the highest level of recognition available and are given to people who have a sustained record of effective strategic leadership in academic practice and make a key contribution to high quality student learning. College of Humanities and Social Science’s Director of Teaching and Learning Professor Lisa Emerson is Massey’s other Principal Fellow.

“The HEA award provided an international context to critically analyse my teaching, scholarship and leadership to further enhance students’ learning experiences,” Professor Martin says.

“This award also acknowledges Massey University's international commitment to excellence in work-integrated learning, which was formalised by the signing of a global charter promoting the area in 2019. Becoming a principal fellow allows me to mentor this community of academics who are committed to excellence in this practice.”

Nine staff were granted Senior Fellowships, 47 were awarded Fellowships and a further 39 achieved Associate Fellowships.

“It is fantastic to see so many Massey staff putting in the effort to improve their teaching and leadership,” Director of the Teaching Academy Associate Professor Maggie Hartnett says. 

“To be able to celebrate them is a special occasion, especially after Covid-19 cancelled last year’s event. The recipients were invited to bring their line managers to the event as a way of acknowledging this self-driven professional development.”

Click here for more information about the AdvanceHE programme. 

Associate Fellows 2021 and 2022:

  • Cassie Andersen
  • Ruth Ardo
  • Nicole Ashley  
  • Amy Best 
  • Thao Thui Phuong (Alice)Bui
  • Mabel Costa
  • Alberto de Rosa
  • George Guoyu Ding
  • Keren Dittmer
  • Catherine  (CeeJay) Donovan
  • Heshani Edirisinghe
  • Evans Effah
  • Lisanne Fermin
  • Flynn Grace
  • Sabrina Greening
  • Emma Gulliver
  • Max Guy
  • Shelley Hanlon
  • Danielle Hodson
  • Corrin Hulls 
  • Jennifer Kirby
  • An Thi Hoai Lee
  • Stephanie Leggett
  • Camille Manning
  • Kerry McKelvey
  • Amarachukwu Nnadozie Nwadike
  • Abiodun (Abbey) Omidiji
  • Tenneal Prebble
  • Glen Ross
  • Thomas Slade
  • Marion Tan
  • Raymond Tan 
  • Alaina Tessier
  • Nicolette Trueman 
  • Shawn Varghese
  • Alisha Verrenkemp
  • Melody Whitehead
  • Danette Whitehouse 
  • Andrea Zorn

Fellows 2021 and 2022:

  • Claire Badenhorst
  • Christie Balcomb
  • Nadine Bishop
  • Charlotte Bolwell
  • Mikael Boulic
  • David Brougham
  • Nicola Brown
  • Andrew Cardow
  • Stefano Cataloni
  • Greg Chawynski
  • Jason Cordier
  • Niluka Domingo
  • Debalina Dutta
  • Raewyn Eden
  • Erica Gee
  • Ruth Gibbons
  • Megan Gordon
  • Belinda Hardy
  • Faraz Hasan
  • Wei-Huei (Wendy) Hsu
  • Kerri-ann Hughes
  • Hamed Jafarzadeh
  • Fatima Junaid
  • Tanya Jurado
  • Ravindu Kahandawa
  • Daniel Konings
  • Wayne Macpherson
  • Natalie Mathews
  • Chris McMillan
  • Germana Nicklin
  • Solomon Opare
  • Blake Perry
  • Grace Yue Qi
  • Diyako Rahmani
  • Eziaku  Rasheed
  • Christine Roseveare
  • Robert Sawicki
  • Philip Steer
  • Benjamin Sykes
  • Mitsue Tabata-Sandom
  • Cherie Todd-Williamson
  • Andries (Hennie) van Heerden
  • Priya Vishnu
  • Te Awatea Ward
  • Jimena Yapura
  • Ivayla Yozova
  • Mui Kuen Yuen

Senior fellows 2021 and 2022

  • Lucila Carvalho
  • Angela Feekery
  • Carolyn Gates
  • Elizabeth Gray
  • Eloise Jillings
  • Linda Laven
  • Jennifer Lawn
  • Jenny Poskitt
  • Emily Saavedra

Principal fellow 2021 and 2022

  • Andy Martin

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