Dr Mike Joy

Massey ecologist to discuss environment controversy

Massey University ecologist Dr Mike Joy will appear on TV3’s Media3 show this week to discuss the controversy that has risen over his comments on New Zealand’s freshwater quality.

Dr Joy was featured in the International Herald Tribune and the New York Times citing research that showed New Zealand’s poor record on freshwater quality and preservation of the environment.

This led to an editorial in the New Zealand Herald criticising Dr Joy for harming New Zealand’s reputation and the harm it could do to the tourism industry.

Media3 host Russell Brown has outlined the controversy on his blog and will discuss it with Dr Joy on Saturday’s show.

More on the issue can be found here.

An outline of Dr Joy’s concerns and the research on which they are based can be found here.

Dr Joy, a senior lecturer in the Institute of Natural Resources, has been highlighting the worsening state of New Zealand’s rivers and lakes for the past 15 years.

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