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We are witnessing a tremendous increase in the volume of available data. Never before has there been the variety and scale of data from so many areas. Massey researchers are working on technologies and systems to help business, government and industry interpret this data and turn it into meaningful knowledge.

Research expertise

Applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have wide applications in data analysis, image and video processing, speech and natural language processing.


Big data technologies

New and dedicated technologies are required to process and extract insights from the variety and scale of datasets that is now available. We are working with hadoop, currently the industry-standard for working with datasets of large magnitude.


Cybersecurity for Big Data

Our expertise is in cybersecurity (identity management, intrusion detection, trustworthy system, cloud storage, applied cryptography) and privacy protection techniques (data anonymization and homomorphic encryption) for big data analytics.


Data analytics

The success of businesses, government and institutions is increasingly dependent on their ability to transform data into information, insights and novel data-products. We have expertise in data analysis in a number of industry sectors to work with large datasets, both stored and incoming to discover knowledge in the mountains of data.


Machine learning

Successful applications of machine learning depend on a number of factors. We are researching in areas such as algorithm selection and customised tuning, training runtime as well as feature engineering and feature selection.


Sector-specific expertise

Analytics for managerial decision-making

Expertise in the use of analytics for managerial decision making. Reliance on data and the role of human judgement.


Big data analytics to improve business strategy

Big data analytics can be used to gain insights into customers, prospective customers and other relevant individuals or institutions. We work to help companies improve business strategy and the tactical implementation of these strategies.


Deep learning in natural sciences

In many areas of natural science research, the availability of increasingly detailed and large datasets is creating new challenges for analysis. We have expertise in the field of machine learning, and specifically deep learning. These provide methodologies that are well suited to the task of extracting knowledge from these datasets.


Industrial machine learning

The proliferation of machine learning in industrial contexts is accelerating rapidly given the high reliability, efficiency and scaling of present-day machine learning algorithms. We have expertise in machine learning in a number of contexts.


Learning analytics

Education has become a significant industrial sector within the economies of developed countries. Education has become increasingly expensive and consequently a higher-risk undertaking for the learners. We are using learning analytics to analyse data gathered about learners and in the process, optimize and improve the learning experience.


Predictive analytics in health and social sciences

We have researchers investigating potential solutions to complex health and social issues through innovative applications of machine learning and data mining and the integration of health, economic, social, demographic, and geographic data.


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    Massey Real-time GDP Forecaster

    This GDP forecaster uses various information sources from across a wide range of industries in New Zealand. The functionality of this forecaster allows for an indication of national, regional and industry trends.

    Based on data from a number of sources including partners PayMark, KiwiRail and PortsConnect (Tauranga and Auckland Ports).

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    Shared Prosperity Index

    According to the Legatum Institute’s Global Prosperity Index New Zealand is currently the second most prosperous country in the world. However, our level of income inequality is worse than the OECD average, which itself is at its most unequal for the last half century.

    The Shared Prosperity Composite Index has been developed by Massey University scientists as a means of measuring, tracking and addressing the level of shared prosperity in a society.

    Shared Prosperity Index


    Analytics lab

    Massey University has a dedicated Analytics Lab in Wellington, the first and only Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) teaching lab in New Zealand. The lab gives students and staff access to the IDI database that contains over 166 billion factors of data from a broad range of government agencies for research and teaching purposes.

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