Thank you for attending the Early Life Nutrition - Spring 2018 symposium hosted by the College of Health, Massey University on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

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Plenary Lecture: Early Life Nutrition

Distinguished Professor Jane Harding, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland

Early Life Nutrition - Dist Prof Jane Harding.pdf (3,530 KB)

‘Words of Wisdom from Psychology’ - Reflecting on 25 years of working with Complex Feeding Problems.

Linda L. Chard, Consultant Clinical Psychologist-Starship Children’s Hospital

A Word of Wisdom - Linda Chard.pdf (491 KB)

The Code in New Zealand

Sophie Bishop, Associate, Wellness, Nutrition and Physical Activity Team, Ministry of Health

The Code in NZ - Sophie Bishop.pdf (1,381 KB)

Gut Instinct: how the way you’re born and fed affect your immune system

Dr Vincent Ho, Specialist gastroenterologist and hepatologist, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia

Gut Instinct - Dr Vincent Ho.pdf (6,480 KB)