Current health research trials and studies , Ngā whakamātau rangahau o āianei

Our hauora and health research studies have real-world impact. Explore our current trials and studies, and find out if you or your children are suitable to participate.

Projects currently recruiting

Explore current research projects in the College of Health that are open to new participants.

Liposomal encapsulated creatine monohydrate study

This study aims to determine the gut response and rate of blood appearance of creatine monohydrate ingested in the form of liposomal vesicles, which are tiny fat-coated particles containing the creatine.

Activity validation study

The activity validation study aims to assess physical activity and sedentary behaviour in children via a wrist-worn accelerometer.

Carbohydrates in exercise study

This study aims to find out if the enhanced fat metabolism and glycogen-sparing effects of lactose can improve endurance performance in male athletes.

The CHAMP Study

The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of a novel collagen protein on age-related knee pain, skin appearance and inflammatory markers.

Green Prescription study

Exploring nutrition support in Aotearoa through Green Prescription

Healthy Active Learning

Healthy Active Learning is a nationwide initiative that aims to improve the wellbeing of children and young people through healthy eating, drinking and quality physical activity.

Immune Defence Protein (IDP) study

The IDP study aims to investigate whether daily supplementation with IDP enhances immune responses to the flu vaccine.

Vegan diet research programme

The vegan diet research programme explores the impact of a vegan diet on general health, sport performance and infant development.

Other hauora and health research studies

Read about other hauora and health research projects currently underway.

Pregnancy supplement study

The pregnancy supplement study explored dietary supplements taken by New Zealand women before, during and after pregnancy.

Taking part in Massey Nutrition Research?

Are you taking part in one of our Massey Nutrition Research studies? Find guidelines on completing your food record.