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Regional On-Scene Commanders (ROSC) Course, June 2016


Wildbase joined the annual Regional On Scene Commanders (ROSC) course in June this year to be part of the exercise control teams, providing inserts and feedback on all aspects of wildlife response for the ROSC trainees.

Louise Chilvers joined the Marine Pollution Response Services (MPRS) Team of Maritime NZ for the Maritime New Zealand Regional On-Scene Commander (ROSC) course in Auckland in June 2016.  The course, held at the MPRS office in Te Attatu, Auckland was run a little differently this year with more exercises and less lectures in oil response scenarios to help build upon a ROSC’s knowledge and experiences of oil spill response processes and procedures. Wildbase inputs into the ROSC training by being able to include the methods and processes associated with an oiled wildlife response, particularly around government and Iwi notification and species specific advice surrounding equipment and facilities, and wildlife response options. These training courses are an excellent opportunity for the Wildbase team to work with Maritime New Zealand and aid in training of current and future On Scene Commanders continuously being able to improve the awareness of the wildlife aspect of an oil spill response.