Maps, transport and parking for Wellington campus Ngā mapi me ngā taunga waka mō te whare wānanga i Te Whanganui-a-Tara

See maps and transport for our Wellington campus. Get details of buildings, bus stops, bike racks, parking and accessibility.

Exterior of the Museum building with wide steps, with a tree in the foreground

Massey’s Wellington campus is small and close to the city centre. Wellington is compact and hilly, known for culture, history and nature.

Take the bus to the suburb of Mount Cook, then walk around campus. Walking, cycling and bus are the easiest ways to travel round town.

Maps of Wellington campus

Use our handy maps to find your way around the Massey campus in the city centre.

Wallace Street, Mount Cook, Wellington 6021, New Zealand

Campus map

Get an overview with the Wellington campus map. See details of buildings, parking and bus stops, roads, entrances, accessible facilities and more.

Building map

This map of building locations helps you find your way around the Wellington campus. You can also see campus entrances, parking, bus stops and accessibility information. Look at the numbers and letters in the map legend to identify the building.

Download printable maps

Download a brochure of the Wellington campus maps.

Buses and trains

Stroll to one of the bus stops right across the road from our Wellington campus. Hop on one of the many buses that run across the city and connect the suburbs. You can also take the ferry across the harbour or the cable car up to the Botanic Garden.

If you’re travelling to Wellington, use the network of commuter trains in the Wellington region. The bus station is next to Wellington train station.

Check timetables and fares on Metlink.

Call Metlink on 0800 801 700

Use the Metrolink Commuter app for easy travel by bus and train in the Wellington region. With the app, you can check real-time information and get notifications for your favourite stops and transport services on your smartphone. Visit your app store to download the Metrolink Commuter app.

Student travel concessions

Buy a Snapper to get cheaper bus and cable car fares. And if you’re a full-time student, you can get discounted peak-time travel with your Snapper. Get money off Metlink bus fares and cable car travel by:

  • registering your Snapper on the Snapper portal
  • downloading the tertiary concession on to your Snapper
  • showing your student ID if the bus driver asks you when you tag on.

You can get cheaper train fares and ferry tickets if you’re a full-time student. Get a tertiary concession on train and ferry travel by:

  • getting a Tertiary Concession sticker for your student ID from the Campus Information team in Student Central
  • buying a tertiary 10-trip ticket at the ticket office
  • showing your student ID when you buy your ticket.

Top up your Snapper on campus. Make sure you always have enough credit by using the Snapper top-up machine in Pyramid Block 5.

Find out about Snapper

See more about the Metlink Tertiary Concession

Bicycles, scooters and motorcycles

Lock your bike, scooter and motorbike in dedicated parking spaces across the Wellington campus. Use showers and changing rooms after your ride.


Find bike racks on campus at the:

  • south side of Block 10, Museum Building, Tokomaru
  • south side of Block 1, College of Creative Arts
  • north side of Block 5, Massey Business School
  • Entrance A – covered cycle storage
  • Building 2 – covered cycle storage
  • Building 6 – covered cycle storage
  • Building 11 – covered cycle storage.

Showers and changing rooms are usually near toilets. They have the same opening hours as the buildings they're in.

Check the table for details of showers and changing rooms on the Wellington campus.

Check the table for details of showers and changing rooms on the Wellington campus.
Entrance Building Level and room
C Recreation Centre Ground
C Block 3, Offenberger Level 3, room 25, Exercise Science
D Block 10, Museum Building Level A, room 97
A, E and F Block 5 Level D, room 5. Apply to access this area with your swipe card.
A, E and F Block 5 Level F, room 3 – in men’s bathroom
F Block 7 Level C, room 55 – staff office area
F Block 7 Level D, room 24
F Block 7 Level D, room 29 – staff office area
F Block 7 Level E, room 22
E Building T21H King Street K4, room 6

Find bike storage areas and showers on this map.

Cycle racks and shower map for Wellington

If you leave your bike anywhere else, campus security will remove it. You must not cycle on footpaths or other pedestrian areas.

Motorcycles and scooters

Find campus motorbike parking on the:

  • west side of block 3, opposite the gym (Entrance C)
  • west side of block 4 (between Entrances A and B)
  • east side of the library, Hayward Terrace (Entrance E)
  • south-eastern side of Block 10, Museum Building, Tokomaru (Entrance D).


CarePark Ltd manages car parks on the Wellington campus. Call CarePark on +64 4 388 9681 or email

If you have a valid mobility card, you can park in any disability parking space.

Student parking

Use either the pay-and-display parking or apply for a parking permit. As a Massey student, you can also use staff car park spaces outside office hours.

Student pay-and-display parking

Find pay-and-display car parking in the:

  • lower level of King Street car park
  • spaces next to the Museum Building, Block 10 (Entrance D).

Parking costs $1 per hour. You can park as long as you like, if you buy pay-and-display tickets to cover the time you’re parked.

Remember to put your pay-and-display ticket on the dashboard of your car so the car park security and audit staff know that you’ve paid.

Student parking permits

Find spaces for student parking permits in the:

  • upper level of King Street car park
  • car park at 60 Tasman Street.

We have licence plate recognition technology to check that cars in these spaces have parking permits.

You can apply for a student parking permit, which lasts for a semester. A student parking permit costs $120. But bear in mind that there are limited numbers of permits.

Apply with a parking permit application form you can get from Student Central or CarePark Limited.

If CarePark accepts your application, they give you a deadline to confirm that you want the parking permit. If you don’t confirm by the deadline, CarePark will offer your permit to someone else. Once you’ve confirmed, you can pick up and pay for your parking permit at Student Central.

Using staff parking after hours

Students can also use empty car park spaces in the staff parking areas:

  • on weekends and public holidays
  • after 5pm each day

Visitor parking

If you drive on to the Wellington campus, you need to use a temporary parking permit or pay-and-display parking.

Visitor parking permits

Get a temporary parking permit in advance from the Operations Service Desk. Contact the Operations Service Desk by:

With a valid visitor parking permit, you can park in empty staff car parking spaces in:

  • Wallace Street (Entrances A, B and C)
  • Tasman Street (Entrances E and F)
  • Buckle Street (Entrance D.

There are a few parking spaces reserved for day visitors at Entrance E in Tasman Street. Book a space in advance through the Operations Service Desk.

Visitor pay-and-display parking

Visitors to the Wellington campus can use the pay-and-display parking:

  • by the Museum Building, Buckle Street (Entrance D)
  • in Wallace Street (Entrance A).

Parking penalties

You may get a payment notice if you:

  • don’t display a valid pay-and-display ticket when parked in the pay-and-display car park
  • drive away from the car park more than 15 minutes after your pay-and-display ticket runs out
  • park in a parking permit space using a pay-and-display ticket
  • don’t display a valid parking permit when parked in a permit parking space
  • use a staff parking space during office hours.

A payment notice costs:

  • $66
  • $50 if you pay it within 21 days.

If you keep breaking the car park rules, your car may be clamped or towed. You may have to pay any outstanding payment notices and any fees for clamping or towage before you get your car back.

If your car's been clamped or you think it’s been towed, phone CarePark on +64 4 388 9681.

Contact the office

Campus Operations Service Desk, Wellington campus


Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm (during semester)



Level A of Block 5 (Entrance A)

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