Complaint process advice form , Te puka tautoko mō ngā nawe

Use this form to help you through the complaints process and get advice on how to take the next steps.

Examples of complaints we can advise you on

Academic experience or academic outcome complaints may include:

  • significant delay in returning assignments
  • feeling your work has been unfairly marked
  • feeling material provided is inadequate
  • other complaints

Behavioural complaints about staff members or students may include:

  • inappropriate comments
  • sexist behaviour
  • rudeness or bullying
  • comments about your appearance, race, religion, background or beliefs
  • other complaints

Service complaints may include complaints about service you have received with:

  • enrolment process
  • student fees
  • facilities
  • other services

Please note that this form is not for use by staff who have concerns about another staff member. If this describes you please contact your HR adviser directly.

Urgent help in a crisis or emergency

If you need urgent help right now, or feel you or someone else is in danger or at risk of harm, do not fill out this form. Instead: