Analysis of New Zealand Agricultural Systems

This course will introduce participants to the scale and operation of agriculture and its importance within New Zealand.

Key facts

Cost: $2,000 + GST

Duration: 8 weeks

Delivery mode: Online

Time commitment: Approximately 48 hours of online study and written assessments and 2 hours of online tutorials and oral assessment.


This course was developed with the support of the Fertiliser Association of New Zealand (FANZ). The course will:

  • introduce the participants to the scale and operation of agriculture and its importance within New Zealand
  • provide a framework for appreciating ‘systems’
  • provide an understanding of major drivers that have continued to shape New Zealand's agricultural systems.

The course will also highlight how a rural professional can engage and communicate with a farmer. It will reinforce that while systems are complex, there are common ways of describing them and that potential changes at a system level have multiple impacts and multiple solutions.

What you'll get

Successful participants will receive a Massey Certificate of Completion in Analysis of New Zealand Agriculture and have their achievement and 5 credits added to the academic records at Massey University.

Entry requirements

This course is suited to students or professionals holding a bachelor’s degree.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe systems concepts and apply these to a farm system.
  • Explain key factors that shape farm systems.
  • Identify issues unique to different farm systems.

Course content and structure


Table with assessments for Analysis of New Zealand Agricultural Systems short course.
Assessment type Assessment title Weighting (%) Link to learning outcomes
Test Online quiz: Farm systems concepts and components. 40 1, 2, 3
Oral/performance/presentation Interview: Compare and contrast different farm systems and outline further steps to better understand the farm systems. 60 1, 2, 3

Requirements to successfully complete the course

To successfully complete the course, participants need to complete the online quizzes and competently describe key aspects of farm systems and how to interact with farmers.


For all course enquiries and to register your interest, please email Fiona Bardell at

Contact information

 Fiona Bardell

Fiona Bardell

School of Agriculture and Environment

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