Massey University Academy of Sport Scholarship

For student athletes enrolling at Massey University with a previous record of high achievement in sport and who show future potential in their chosen sport.

Scholarship overview

Status: Open

Key facts

Value: Gold Tier: $7,500. Silver Tier: $3,000
Duration: One year's duration
Number available: Up to 30 awards
Type of study: Full-time, Part-time, Undergraduate
Of note: Massey University Academy of Sport membership with access to specialised services.

Application dates

Applications open: 1 June 2024
Closing date: 1 September 2024


Eligibility restrictions: New to Massey undergraduate degree. Student Athlete.

The Massey University Academy of Sport provides a structured academic and performance support programme for high achieving athletes. The support includes physical conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, gym memberships, group topical seminars, and training gear.

Academic support includes one-on-one staff support, assistance with time management and academic planning, career advice, and assistance with scheduling conflicts. The programme is designed in four tiers, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, with each tier providing different levels of support. Athletes accepted for this scholarship are typically of national and international standard in their chosen sport and will be offered a place in a delegated tier, based on their achievements in their chosen sport as well as their academic and personal achievements.

You can find more out about how the Academy of Sport support programme for high-performance athletes who study at Massey on the Massey Academy of Sport website.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for athletes with evidence of excellence in sport in the previous three years (e.g. provincial or national representative).

What you'll be studying

This is an undergraduate scholarship to support students entering a degree programme.

Eligibility criteria

You must:

  • be enrolling for the first year of an undergraduate degree at Massey University in the year following the award of the scholarship


  • entering your first year of study at Massey University toward an undergraduate degree in the year following the award of the scholarship


  • be able to demonstrate evidence of excellence in sport at a minimum or provincial or regional level,
  • have the support of both your coach and National Sporting Organisation (or Regional Sports Organisation if applicable)

Application checklist

Include the following with your application:

  • transcripts for your secondary school results
  • a one page CV highlighting your sporting achievements
  • a supporting letter from your coach
  • a supporting letter from the relevant National Sporting Organisation (NSO). If a letter from the NSO is not possible, provide a letter from the relevant Regional Sports Organisation (RSO)
  • a brief statement expanding on your best achievements and why you think you should be awarded this scholarship. You should outline your future are in relation to your study and your future sporting goals in your chosen sport – both long term goals (next 5-8 years) and short term goals (next 2-3 years). Include all targeted sporting competitions for the year the scholarship will be held. (2 page maximum)

Selection considerations

When choosing our recipients, we will consider your sporting achievements and potential for success in your chosen sport. We may also consider your academic record, quality of application, and references.