Incident, injury or illness reporting

The safety and welfare of all people on our campus is of paramount importance to us.

If something happens on campus (an incident), or you see something that could result in an injury or illness (a hazard) we want to know about it so that we can take steps to protect you and others in future.  MasseySafe logo

Steps to follow if you are involved in an incident (if you are able)

  1. Call out for help – other staff or students, security etc.
  2. Phone 111 for emergency services (ambulance, police, fire), if serious
  3. Control the scene to protect others from danger
  4. Do not disturb the scene as it may need to be investigated
  5. Report the incident.

All accidents and near misses (close calls) and hazards should be reported, even if they seem minor.

Report incidents and hazards

Make a report>

If you're a permanent or fixed-term employee of Massey University, make a report at MasseySafe.

For more information call the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Helpline on 0800 008 889, or email