Claire Hughes

Doctor of Philosophy, (Fine Arts)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Creative Arts


Thesis Title
Entanglement: An investigation into the effective union of contemporary art and science communication

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Quantum theory is being progressively used for practical purposes, such as quantum computing and encryption. However, the knowledge-base behind it is still difficult to comprehend. This creative practice research proposes that combining visual art and science communication provides experiential encounters that can be transformative in knowledge acquisition. Using virtual reality technology, Ms Hughes set up creative spaces that metaphorically provide the experience of quantum entanglement, the phenomenon of two particles simultaneously acting as one, even when light years apart. Interactions occur within the virtual reality technology and between the virtual and gallery spaces providing an embodied experience that is at times purposefully disrupted. On the basis that new knowledge structures to understand quantum theory are incommensurable with common understanding of classical physics, this research offers an original contribution through providing opportunities to experience conflicting encounters simultaneously, a knowledge structure shift similar to quantum theory.

Professor Heather Galbraith
Dr Marcus Moore
Mr Stuart Foster