Belinda Borell

Doctor of Philosophy, (Public Health)
Study Completed: 2018
College of Health


Thesis Title
The Nature of the Gaze: A conceptual discussion of societal privilege from an indigenous perspective

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Addressing inequity is an increasingly important undertaking for public health practitioners and researchers. Currently, the majority of attention is placed on those individuals perceived as being disadvantaged. A much smaller proportion of attention is given to examining societal privilege as a determinant of health status. Ms Borell utilised a Kaupapa Maori approach to examine the role of societal privilege in the creation and maintenance of ethnic health disparities in Aotearoa New Zealand. She found that, to its recipients, privilege is not only important in what is offered in power, opportunity and status, but also in what is kept hidden, silenced and repressed. Ms Borell’s research has provided valuable insight into understanding how Kaupapa Maori methodologies can illuminate these hidden and silenced parts of society to benefit all New Zealanders and improve health equity.

Professor Helen Moewaka Barnes
Professor Timothy McCreanor