Acushla O'Carroll

Doctor of Philosophy, (Health)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Health


Thesis Title
Kanoi ki te kanohi - a thing of the past? An examination of Maori use of social networking sites and the implication for Maori culture and society

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Interactions based on cultural practices have heralded a new era of the ‘virtual marae’ (places of gathering) where language, customs, and whanaungatanga (relationships) are practiced daily on social networking sites (SNS). Ms O’Carroll investigated the tensions that Maori face as they negotiate virtual spaces and navigate new territories of SNS, highlighting the pressures on kanohi ki te kanohi (face–to-face) practice. Through mainly qualitative exploration of these data, the domains of rangatahi (Maori) usage, whanaungatanga, tuakiritanga, and tikanga were traversed in order to interrogate the contemporary ideas and trajectory of kanohi ki te kanohi values. Ms O’Carroll’s study highlights the range of issues that Maoridom must grapple with in order to guide SNS usage in cultural contexts that consider kanohi ki te kanohi values and the future of marae.

Professor Helen Moewaka Barnes
Professor Timothy McCreanor