Adele Scott

Doctor of Philosophy, (Applied Linguistics)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Teachers of additional languages in New Zealand schools: A national survey and case studies

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In 2007, learning languages was included for the first time in the national curriculum for New Zealand schools. Ms Scott explored the profiles of teachers of languages in primary and secondary schools. Teachers’ perceptions of their roles ranged from those who felt supported and considered the teaching of languages an integral part of their professional role to those who were hindered by a lack of agency and confidence in their own proficiency. Important themes that emerged include that being a teacher of additional languages requires a commitment of self and an ability to advocate for the learning area. Ms Scott found out that the place of teaching additional languages in New Zealand schools is far from established or secure. She highlighted the challenges to the role and identity of teachers of additional languages, not least of which is the often-tenuous position of the languages learning area in schools.

Professor Cynthia White
Professor Alison Kearney
Associate Professor France Grenaudier-Klijn