Spatial and industrial design research

Spatial design and industrial design use physical and virtual material processes to imagine new worlds, experiences, objects and products to affect human and environmental well-being. Don't wonder what you want to be, but what problems you want to solve.

Research expertise

Industrial design

Applied industrial design research provides creative inspiration and innovation in the development and manufacture of products. Our designers use traditional and digital processes to create products that are user -centred, and responsive to ethical and environmental concerns. Designing objects and systems that make the world a better place.


Exhibition design and curation

We have expertise in the curation and communication of narratives and affective experiences that shape a critical awareness of the complex nature of culture and politics. Research outputs are often thematic and can contribute to larger festivals and other multi-venue initiatives. Our researchers are well connected to current exhibition networks nationally and internationally.


Urban, commercial and residential environments

Spatial designers shape the environments that we inhabit and the ways that we encounter, experience and engage with them. Applied spatial design research that proposes new modalities of living, playing and working informed by ethical concerns for human and ecological well-being. Spatial design challenges conventions and imagines spaces of the future.


Resilience, wellbeing and affective experience

Experimental and speculative design provides focused high-level problem-solving research that develops products and approaches that support and enable resilient communities and physical wellbeing.


Performance, live art and design

Our researchers are actively engaged in using live performance as a direct mode of artistic research practice. They often engage with complex social and cultural issues and activate spaces through performance strategies and situation-responsive practices.


Interactive spatial experiences

Our researchers undertake speculative explorations of interactive environments that use the potential of emerging technologies to conceptualise new worlds, create new experiences, and create or alter atmospheres.


Film concept, props and set design

Our researchers are the new storytellers and narrative-enablers, focusing on storyboarding, prop design and construction, set design, and lighting.



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