• Corrin Hulls

    Corrin Hulls

    Senior Teaching Technician - School of Health Sciences

  • Dr Patrick Janssen

    Dr Patrick Janssen

    Senior Lecturer in Food Science - School of Food and Advanced Technology

Associate researchers

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr Clement de Loubens

Phd Students

Ian Lim 

Ian’s PhD research at aims to throw light on transport processes occurring in the intestine. We are hoping to measure the viscoelastic properties of the inter-villi spaces of live intestine samples using a specially constructed cell and our optical tweezers and microrheology set-up.

Ivana Sequira

Ivanas research to date has established a standardized clinical measure of intestinal permeability which can be utilized to assess gut health and to determine wellness in healthy individuals. Intestinal permeability, a dynamic property of the epithelium, allows the transit of nutrient molecules. The exquisite sensitivity of the transcellular and paracellular routes to malfunction and noxious stimuli renders the test a sensitive indicator of gut health.

The method appears to be sensitive and reproducible and may have a place in nutritional epidemiological studies- notably in testing the ability of foods to protect or restore normal intestinal function following episodes of mucosal inflammation.

Sia Yen 

Yens interests are focused on how the rheological properties of the solid phase in both digesta and simulated digesta systems influence the breakdown of starchy foods. The aim of her research is to develop the formulated foods that contribute to improve health and wellbeing.