Healthy Active Learning

Healthy Active Learning is a joint government initiative between Sport New Zealand and the Ministries of Health and Education to improve the wellbeing of children and young people through healthy eating, drinking and quality physical activity. For more information on Healthy Active Learning please visit:

The Evaluation

Massey University is undertaking the evaluation of Healthy Active Learning on behalf or Sport NZ, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. We are interested in hearing from whānau, teachers,  school principals and Early Learning Services as we want to better understand current school culture, physical activity opportunities and access to healthy food and drinks in New Zealand schools and Early Learning Services.

What and when will we be evaluating?

All Schools

All schools will receive a health and physical education curriculum resource (Ministry of Education) and have access to toolkits to create a healthy food and drink environment (Ministry of Health).

SElected schools

A team of evaluators from Massey University will survey schools for two weeks in 2020, 2022 and 2024.

During this time the evaluation team will evaluate the effect Healthy Active Learning has had on:
• School food policy, practices and food availability
• Whether it has altered teachers practices
• Whether whānau have noticed any changes in their tamariki

Some schools will receive support from their regional sport trust as well as SportNZ, the Ministry of Education and District Health Boards (DHBs).

Some schools will receive a more indepth evaluation which includes questionnaires with the children (indepthHealthyActiveLearning)

School Food Policy and Practices

Intended for completion by school Principals or members of senior management.

Topics include Schools food environment – particularly policy around healthy food and drinks at school and how these policies are translated into practices during the school day and at school events

Survey link

Early Learning Services Food Policy and Practices survey

Intended for completion by someone involved in the management of the Early Learning Services or familiar with policy and practices surrounding food.

The topics covered in this survey include your Early Learning Service's food environment - particularly policy and practices to do with food and drinks.

Survey link

Teachers survey

Intended for completion for all primary, intermediate, secondary and Early Learning Services teachers in New Zealand including principals and senior management

The topics covered in this survey include your teaching practices, confidence in teaching health and PE, PLD opportunities, your school’s culture, student physical activity opportunities and student engagement.

Survey link

Whānau engagement survey

For distribution by School Leads to parents and whānau of children in the school.

The topics covered in this survey include your child/children’s experiences with physical activity and health and PE at school, as well as opportunities they have to be active in the community.

Survey link