118.753 Canine and Feline Oncology (15 credit)

Lecturer: Peter Bennett BVSc DipACVIM(small animal internal medicine) DipACVIM(oncology) FACVSc(canine medicine)

Extend your knowledge with Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) Oncology course which offers a practical approach to managing canine and feline patients. Update yourself in this rapidly advancing field.

Please note: Courses are revised following each offering. Details of content and assessment are subject to change between offerings.

What will you learn?

  • diagnosis and management of canine and feline neoplastic diseases how initial approach can influence outcome.
  • the options for pets with a wide variety of cancers: Chemotherapy, surgical management, radiation therapy and an introduction to newer therapeutic options
  • how to guide clients through treatment decisions and options.
  • how to individualise patient care to suit concurrent conditions and the response to therapy the holistic approach

How the course works

This course is taught via distance learning (you may know it as continuing education, distance education or continuing professional development) by a recognised international expert in his field

  • Purpose written course notes authored by your course lecturer, will introduce you to important publications in the field of oncology. No textbook required!
  • Interactive case material, reflective activities and class discussion of cases are provided through our online classroom.

Your lecturer

Peter Bennett has specialist qualifications in small animal medicine in both Australia and the USA and additional specialist qualifications in Oncology. He is one of only a few specialists in this field in Australasia. He is currently Clinical Specialist in oncology and small animal medicine at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sydney University. As well as being rich in clinical experience, Peter is an experienced distance educator and examiner.

 Course features

In-depth part-time study 24 teaching weeks spread over a 7-8 month period

Learning materials and facilities

  • Lecturer-authored notes
  • Study guide
  • Case-based activities
  • Electronic library access
  • 3 day workshop: face to face or an online option for some sessions

Learning community

  • MVM Commons community site 
  • Online case discussion facilitated
  • Social forum


  • Portfolio of course work (1 submission)
  • Case report assignment
  • Online final examination (remote proctoring)

Course requirements

  • Internet access
  • Textbook: there is no textbook for this course

Peter Bennett

"It goes to show why we do MVM papers.  There is nothing like an MVM paper to bring all the most interesting things across our paths! All last year while doing Oncology, we saw cancer patients that we had never seen before, and here I go again with endocrinopathies."

"Last year I did my first MVM paper (oncology), which I found extremely interesting and enjoyable."

"Oncology is my third MVM paper. I completed the neurology and ophthalmology papers last year and was hungry for more."

Contact/virtual workshop Information

*Due to COVID-19, contact workshops may have to be virtual. Please check your Stream site once enrolled for the current information or contact mvm@massey.ac.nz for the current information before you enrol.

The workshop is an opportunity for real-time interaction with your class and lecturer. Together you can build on the knowledge you’ve gained on the course through small group teaching, practical sessions and discussions of experiences in your own practice. 

For the best workshop experience, we recommend that you attend in real-time. While attendance is highly-recommended it is not compulsory in order to pass the course.

MEGA 1 2020

The contact workshop for Oncology will run alongside those for the Soft Tissue Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Applied Veterinary Epidemiology courses. This format provides a great opportunity for you to meet students and staff from other courses within the MVM programme and to combine with them for some sessions.

Dates and Timings*

Enrolments open October 2021
Course start February 2022
Contact Workshop Check dates here
Exam period October – November 2022
Course end November 2022

*Please note: You can still apply for enrolment after the due dates above.
Places cannot be assured after these due dates; but late applications will be considered as long as remaining places are available.

If you have any questions please check with the MVM office.


You will find more detailed information on the 118.786 Course Page. Enrolments open October 1st in the year prior to study.

For more information on delivery and course content please contact the MVM team.