Planning your study , Te Whakarite i tō ako

It helps to plan your overall study before choosing your qualification and enrolling in courses. Learn about qualification types and how to create a balanced workload, or get help from our Academic Advisers.

Qualification types & levels

Learn about Massey's range of qualifications and get to grips with key study terms like credits, levels and courses.

Planning your courses

Find the information you need to start planning the courses for your qualification.

Skills needed for study

Advice, tests and resources to help with your reading, academic writing, note-taking, maths and science skills.

Workshops for distance students to attend in person

Some courses for distance students include contact workshops that you have to attend in person.

Recommended & maximum student workloads

Find out how many courses we recommend you do for a balanced workload, and the maximum number you can do each semester.

Time limits to complete qualifications

We set time limits on how long you can take to complete your qualification, to help you succeed.

Academic advice to help with planning

Academic advisers can help you plan your qualification, enrol into courses and stay on track with your study.

Academic progress monitoring

Academic progress monitoring helps us to see how you are progressing in your studies.

Prospectus booklets & guides

Download a prospectus or guide to help you with your study choices at Massey.

Work-integrated learning

Work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences allow you to put theory into practice.

Study while at secondary school with Accelerate+

With Accelerate+ students studying in year 12 or year 13 can complete university-level courses while at school.