Contact workshops for distance students , Papamahi mā ngā tauira ako mai tawhiti

Some of our distance courses include contact workshops that you have to attend in person. They're held in several main centres around New Zealand.

Contact workshops give you the opportunity to get face-to-face tuition and gain real-life experiences. You'll also meet other distance students studying the same course as you.

Dates, times and locations

To find out if your course has one or more contact workshops, look in:

These will include the date and general location of the contact workshop.

Most workshops are held at our campuses, but they may also be held in another location within New Zealand. There is no option to choose the location of the workshop you attend. You'll get more specific information about the location and time of your workshop when you enrol in your course.

Registering for a contact workshop

When you enrol in a course, your contact workshop details will be emailed to you, along with an invitation to register.

You can register for your contact workshop:

Compulsory contact workshops

To pass your course, you will need to attend compulsory contact workshops if your course has them.

If a course is essential to finishing your qualification but you can't attend the compulsory contact workshop – contact the course coordinator to apply for an exemption before you enrol in the course.

You will need to choose another course with a recommended (which means it's optional) or no contact workshop if you don't get an exemption.

Make sure there are no clashes of compulsory contact workshop dates when you choose your courses.

Students outside New Zealand should only enrol in courses with compulsory contact workshops if you're prepared to return to New Zealand for them.

Recommended contact workshops

You should plan to attend the contact workshop if it is recommended. But, you won't fail the course if you don't attend, unlike when contact workshops are compulsory.

Register well in advance as we cancel recommended contact workshops if there aren't enough enrolments.

Travel and accommodation

You'll need to organise and pay for your own travel to your contact workshop, and your accommodation.

If your contact workshop is at one of our campuses, accommodation may be available at a Massey hall of residence.

Accommodation at Massey

You can also use all student facilities when attending your contact workshop, such as the libraries, student cafes and computer labs.

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