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The New Zealand three Rs programme (NZ-3Rs programme)


Managed by the Ministry for Primary Industries

Three Rs definition:

Replacement: of animals with non-sentient animal or non-animal alternatives.

Reduction: in the number of those sentient animals to the minimum necessary to achieve the scientific objective.

Refinement: of the procedures applied to decrease to the minimum practicable extent the negative impacts they have on the animals.


  • To profile New Zealand’s continuing Three Rs contributions
  • To promote understanding, application and development of the Three Rs
  • To network and liaise with other Three Rs centres internationally to ensure that New Zealand keeps abreast of major advances in the field
  • To critically assess Three Rs developments nationally and internationally.

Distinctive character:

  • Its activities and orientation are complementary to those of other Three Rs centres
  • Its activities have a distinct New Zealand emphasis
  • Uniquely, it integrates scientific, scholarly, bioethical, regulatory, advisory, policy and legal dimensions of the Three Rs with national and international applications.


  • It highlights Three Rs strengths and expertise in New Zealand
  • It promotes interaction between animal-based scientists and other Three Rs advocates
  • It is a national entity which encourages the participation of all those in New Zealand with an interest in quality Three Rs research and scholarship


  • The NZ-3Rs Programme participates actively in exchange of information and advice between ANZCCART (Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching), NAEAC (National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee), the AWSBC and MPI.
  • The NZ-3Rs Programme strongly encourages collaborations in Three Rs projects among researchers and scholars in scientific institutions and industry throughout New Zealand, and internationally.


The NZ-3Rs Programme http://www.mpi.govt.nz/protection-and-response/animal-welfare/animals-in-research-testing-teaching/the-3rs/

Manager, of Animal Welfare Standards
Ministry for Primary Industries
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Email: mark.fisher@mpi.govt.nz