Research and specialist centres , Ngā pūtahi rangahau, mātanga

Research and specialist centres hosted by Massey promote innovative research, technology transfer, and encourage links with national and international research and academic institutions.

National Research Centres

National centres bring experts together from research organisations across Aotearoa New Zealand. They are sponsored by the government or industry groups to focus on a specific work programme contributing to public good outcomes. They often work in collaboration with international research and education organisations.

Riddet Institute

This institute is one of eleven Centres of Research Excellence (CoRE). It produces world class research in food innovation and nutritional sciences through extensive national and international research collaborations. It is committed to outstanding research, world-class education for future leaders and to future-proofing New Zealand’s food industries.

The New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre

In a unique partnership with government and industry, this centre draws on scientific expertise from three Crown Research Institutes, three universities and the Cawthron Institute. It aims to provide research for decision-making within public health and the food industry – focusing on improving hazard detection in food production and reducing risk of food-borne illness to consumers.

University research centres

University centres draw interdisciplinary teams of Massey academics together, working in partnership with external collaborators. They carry out world-class research, focusing on major national and international issues.

Research Centre for Hauora and Health

Covering all aspects of hauora and health research, with a focus on: epidemiology, non-communicable diseases mātauranga and kaupapa Māori, Māori and Pacific health, environmental and occupational health.

SHORE and Whāriki Research Centre

Two multidisciplinary research groups working in a Treaty of Waitangi partnership model to produce excellent research with the aim of improving health and wellbeing in Aotearoa, New Zealand and globally.

Group sitting inside a meeting house on a marae. Group sitting inside a meeting house on a marae. Group sitting inside a meeting house on a marae. Group sitting inside a meeting house on a marae.

Te Mata o Te Tau

We advance Māori scholarship by connecting scholars across disciplines, departments and research centres.

College research centres

Established across Massey, college-hosted centres provide a shared research focus to develop and showcase collective expertise and opportunities for potential postgraduate students and industry collaborators. Many are unique nationally with wide international connections and influence.

Massey Business school

Centre for Advanced Retail Studies

The Centre for Advanced Retail Studies at Massey Business School is focused on the exciting and growing retail industry.

Center for Culture-Centered Approach to Research & Evaluation

A global hub for justice-based communication research – using participatory and culture-centered methodologies to develop community-driven com­munication solutions for building and sustaining human health and wellbeing.

Financial Education & Research Centre (Fin-Ed Centre)

Helping New Zealanders become more financially savvy by improving knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards money.

Te Au Rangahau – Māori Business Research

Connecting the Māori world with the business world through innovative research and advice to help Māori thrive in entrepreneurship and enterprise.

College of Health

Centre for Metabolic Health Research

The Centre for Metabolic Health Research supports collaborations among academics to improve health and wellbeing.

Nutrition & Dietetic Centre, Auckland

We offer personalised nutritional advice and assessments and nutrition education talks.

Sleep/Wake Research Centre

Advancing and applying scientific knowledge about sleep and waking function.

Vitamin D Research Centre

We research conditions where vitamin D deficiency is potentially damaging to short-term and long-term health.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Centre for Research in Mathematics Education

Bringing together experts in mathematics education to work on a common theme: the place of mathematics education and its transformative potential.

Equity Through Education

Established to promote equity, social justice and diversity in and through education and to support the creation of more equitable education systems in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Joint Centre for Disaster Research

An international centre for research and teaching in disaster risk and emergency management.

Joint Centre in Applied Linguistics with Beijing Language & Culture University

Based on Massey's Auckland campus, we connect New Zealand-based language and linguistics researchers with their counterparts in Beijing to exchange new ideas, and explore the best ways to teach Chinese (Mandarin) and train and resource teachers.

College of Sciences

Alpha-Massey Centre for Natural Nutraceutical Research

We are committed to the study and extraction of bioactive components from New Zealand natural plants and fungi.

Al Rae Centre for Genetics & Breeding

Conducting genetics and genomics research, with projects that benefit New Zealand’s agricultural sector.

Animal Welfare Science & Bioethics Centre

Internationally recognised centre of excellence for animal welfare science and bioethical analysis.

Industrial management & innovation research

Our researchers investigate methods of product and service design, development, delivery, packaging and distribution.

Centre for Organisational Excellence Research

We undertake benchmarking, business excellence research and consultancy to acquire, share and apply knowledge on organisational excellence.

Centre for Parallel Computing

Investigating parallel computing and its applications in scientific research – at type of computing where multiple instructions are executed at the same time by different cores, processors or machines.

Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics

Advancing and disseminating knowledge in theoretical/computational chemistry and physics.


A World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) Collaborating Centre since 2014, providing world-class research, service and teaching in epidemiology, biosecurity and public health.

Farmed Landscapes Research Centre

Teaching and research on nutrient and environmental management for agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

Infectious Disease Research Centre

An interdisciplinary, infectious disease research hub hosted by Massey. We are engaged in applied research concerning multihost pathogens, and fundamental research regarding pathogen evolution and disease emergence.

Innovative River Solutions

Researching river channel environments to provide solutions for the management of New Zealand’s dynamic river systems.

Joint Graduate School of Horticulture & Food Enterprise

Providing research opportunities in plant breeding, pest control, post-harvest and processing.

Working Dog Centre

Improving the health, working life and well-being of service and working dogs through collaborative science and communication.

New Zealand Biochar Research Centre

New Zealand Biochar Research Centre aims to advance the understanding of biochar for mitigating global climate change.

New Zealand Life Cycle Management Centre

Building capability for Life Cycle Management (LCM) in Aotearoa New Zealand – through education, training and research in LCM and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


Wildbase at Massey's Manawatū campus has Wildbase Hospital, pathology, wildlife research, and oiled wildlife response.