212.304 Drape for Design (15 credits)

In this studio course the student will investigate and explore creative and innovative design pattern processes through application and manipulation of fabric directly on the three dimensional form Students will expand their pattern processes through critical analysis of drape techniques with increased understanding of fabric behaviour, fit and relationship of the garment to the body.

Note(s): Drape for design is a course which allows you to develop another design process. It opens up possibilities to derive innovative design and pattern processes experimenting with fabric directly on and around the body. In addition this process helps you to understand flat patternmaking processes already learnt and fit techniques when you can directly see the fabric behaviour in relation to the form.

Requirements Requirements help

  • Prerequisite(s): 212.100 or 212.257
    General Prerequisite: At least 45 credits from 200 level.

Offerings Offerings help

Year Semester Mode Location
2021 Semester One full semester Internal Wellington Campus
2022 Semester One full semester Internal Wellington Campus